CCNA Practice Exam 1 – Multiple Choice Questions


Why is VLSM important to modern IP networks?


Multiple Inside IPs NATted to Single global IP is called ?


Ho to use Router working in a Frame Relay network be configured to avoid split horizon issues from preventing routing updates ?


Which of the following are valid transition strategies when moving from IPv4 to IPv6? Choose all that apply.


Which is a valid alternate expression of FE80:0000:0000:0000:0202:B3FF:0 E1E:8329? Choose all that apply.


Which protocol BGP use to establish connection with neighbor?


Which of the following are valid types of IPv6 address? Choose all that apply.


What should be done before configuring etherchannel?


What are the advantages of route summarization? Choose two.


Which of the following is an addressing type that is assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment?


Julie’s IP address is Joost’s IP is Their computers are connected together using a crossover Ethernet cable. Why can’t they ping each other?


Which is the correct command to redistribute static routes?


What routing protocol supports unequal cost load-balancing?


Which of the following are alternate representations of the decimal number 227? Choose two.


Which command is used to allow everyone in the network in EIGRP?


You have purchased several brand-new Cisco routers for your company. Your current address space is /22. Because these new routers support the ip subnet zero command, you realize you are about to gain back two subnets that you could not use with the old gear. How many subnets total will be available to you once the upgrades are complete?


What is the name of the concept by which ports are virtually merged or combined together to work as one?


In a Cisco switch, if a revision number is 10 and you deleted 3 VLAN one by one, what will be the final revision number?


In a network of two Cisco switches, one is having priority of 32665 and second having 0, which one will be the root bridge?


At which layer connection is first established?


What is the binary value of decimal 256?


Your boss, Ronald, does not seem to be able to grasp subnetting. He comes out of a management meeting and quietly asks you to help him with a subnetting issue. He needs to divide the Class B address space the company uses into six subnets for the various buildings in the plant, while keeping the subnets as large as possible to allow for future growth. What is the best subnet mask to use in this scenario?


How does VLSM make IP addressing more efficient?


Which of the following are key attributes  of PPP ?


To which class IP belongs to?


Which command is used to erase everything on Cisco’s router 2600?


Given the mask, how many hosts per subnet does this create?


Which command is used to see routes in routing table?


In which protocol you can make policies to route traffic?


Why is summarization so important to an efficient routed system?


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