Sample Network Design Solution (1)


Objective: – To setup a Network Design for a new office.

Description: – An office for company “XYZ” is coming up in a new location. The company wants an end to end Network Design to meet its business and IT requirements.

Requirement Baselines:-

  1. How Many Users will be working in the new Office?
    ANS – 10
  1. What will be the total endpoints (Data ports) in the new office? (PC /TP, IP scanner/Printer/Fax, Access Point etc.)

10 PC
1 IP Printer  
1 IP Scanner

  1. What Type of LAN connectivity is required? 100 Mbps LAN or 1 Gbps LAN?
     ANS – 1 Gbps LAN
  1. Will there be communication between Local LAN and Outside Internet/WAN ?If Yes, Pl provide details as under

Inside to Outside – Internet Browsing by inside users (Limited Site or full site Access)

           ANS – Yes, with limited access to Internet Users

Inside to Outside – Connectivity to Head Office or Other Office over VPN or MPLS?

  ANS – No. All the 10 users access Internet Only. No VPN or MPLS to other site.

Outside to Inside – Any Server or web facing application hosted in new Office?

  ANS – No.

Outside to Inside – Mobile/Roaming User VPN to New Office LAN (Number of VPN users and VPN type (SSL or IPSEC) required)

ANS – No VPN Users
ANS – Analog telephony will be required. Will be out of network solution scope.
ANS – 5 Mbps each Link .Total 10 Mbps considering backup.

  1. Is VOIP / IP Telephony setup required or analog telephony?

  ANS – No

  1. How much internet Bandwidth is required?

ANS – 5 Mbps each Link .Total 10 Mbps considering backup.

Hint = as a ballpark figure we may take:-

    • General Browsing                              –               100 kbps per user (Upto 50 users)
    • Download files over Internet             –               512 kbps per user (Upto 50 users)
  1. 7. It is assumed that a single Server/Hub Room will provide connectivity to all the endpoints (nodes).All the nodes will be within distance limit of 90 Meters of LAN Cable (Server room to end points).If more than 2 hub rooms or distance of endpoint to Hub room more than 100 Meters, pl provide detailed connectivity requirement.

ANS – Single Hub Room with distance of endpoints with 90Meter from Hub Room.


  1. Is redundancy required at (a) WAN/Internet Link (b) WAN Router/Firewall (c) LAN Switch etc.


(a) Yes, 2 Links

(b) No WAN Router redundancy

(c) No LAN Switch redundancy


  1. Is WAN/LAN Network device redundancy required? If yes Pl specify for which components?

ANS – Not required for LAN and WAN.

Proposed Solution:-Sample Network Design Solution (1)

High Level View of proposed Network Architecture

The Internet Router/Firewall will provide the following functionality
a. Perform BGP/IGP routing with ISP links
b. Act as Layer 3 Gateway for all Vlans
c. Will act as DHCP server for all Vlans in New Office.
d. Provide firewall security ones – Internet Zone and Inside Zone.

Vlan Segregation:-

Sample Network Design Solution (1)

The Router will act as layer 3 gateway (192.168.XX.1/24) for all the Vlans
Total 4 Vlans will be carved out (3 for immediate use and 1 for future).
Note: – for reference, we take private address range inside the New Office network.

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Key considerations:-
1. The ISP/WAN provider needs to provide Ethernet drop (10/100/1000 Mbps) at the new Site. The provider Ethernet cable will directly terminate in Internet Router/Firewall.
2. It is assumed that Content/URL Filtering will be taken care by Proxy server. However, if required, the product part code is shared in optional items of the indicative BOM.
3. End point antivirus security and anti-spam features are not part of proposed solution.
4. The proposed components are only for data Network Solution.If plan is to Integrate Voice /Wireless or any additional service, BOQ components may change.

Indicative Bill of Quantity:-

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Optional Items
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Internet Router cum Firewall (Cisco)
Note: – In case Cisco Router Cum Firewall is required, below Cisco router BOQ may be used –
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Optional Items
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Access Switch
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