Sample VOIP Design Solution 1


Objective: – To setup a Voice Network Design for a new office.

Description: – An office for company “XYZ” is coming up in a new location. The company wants an end to end VOIP Design (IP Telephony) to meet its business and IT requirements.

Requirement Baselines:-

Note: – Pl fill the below questionnaire to the best of your understanding.

  1. How Many users will be using the Voice Setup in the new Office?
    • ANS – 10
  1. Will the voice PBX be installed in the Local Office or IP phones register to Head Office or Data Center PBX?
    • PBX will be in  (a)Local office or (b)Head Office or Data Center
    • ANS – (a) Local Office
    • If above answer is “Local Office” then will the local PBX require dialing over WAN towards head Office or remote office calling?
    • ANS – Yes, for reaching the Head Office/Remote phones over WAN or MPLS links  
    • If above answer is “Head Office or Data Center” then does the local office site require voice availability in case central PBX is down or not reachable?
    • ANS – Yes
  2. How many WAN and PSTN links will be required for Voice setup?
    • WAN Links (MPLS or PTP)
    • ANS – 1 WAN Link (5 Mbps) with connectivity to head Office for Voice and Data
    • PSTN Links –
    • ANS – 4 Analog PSTN (DS0) lines for incoming and outgoing calls to head office and other location during event of WAN link failure. (Hint – Generally for every 10 users inside office, we can take 2 to 4 PTSN voice channels. One voice channel may be understood as one voice call.)
  3. Pl segregate the voice phones in terms of
    • Analog Phones
    • ANS – 2
    • IP Phones (Black and White)
    • ANS – 6
    • IP Phones (Colored Display)
    • ANS – 1 for Dept. Head
    • Receptionist phone (for attending and diverting the calls to respective phone/user)
    • ANS – 1 for accepting the hotline number.
  4. Will the voice and Data connectivity provided on same ports? If yes, then what will be the Data and VoIP connectivity speed?
    • VOIP Phones
    • ANS – 100 Mbps
    • Data Ports
    • ANS – 100 Mbps
  5. What additional features/functionalities do voice users require? Pl describe against each requirement?
    • Voice Mail?
    • Yes
    • Voice mail delivery on email?
    • No 
    • Conferencing (3 Party or more)?
    • Yes, 3 parties should be good
  1. IS Jabber for Windows Integration required for voice calling via local PBX? If yes, what is the number of “jabber for windows” software?
    • ANS – No
  1. Is there plan any to expand the new Office users/IT setup ?
    • ANS – No
  2. It is assumed that a single Server/Hub Room will provide connectivity to all the endpoints (nodes).All the nodes will be within distance limit of 90 Meters of LAN Cable (Server room to end points).If more than 2 hub rooms or distance of endpoint to Hub room more than 100 Meters, pl provide detailed connectivity requirement.

ANS – Single Hub Room with distance of endpoints with 90Meter from Hub Room.

    1. Is redundancy required at (a) WAN/Internet Link (b) WAN Router/Firewall (c) LAN Switch etc.
    • ANS – 1 WAN Link only
    • ANS – No WAN Router redundancy
    • ANS – No LAN Switch redundancy

Proposed Solution:-

Sample VOIP Design Solution 1

The Internet Router/IP PBX will provide the following functionality

  1. Will be local PBX and all the IP/analog phones will register to it. (Call Manager Express)
  2. Will route voice to head office over WAN link and over backup PSTN in case of WAN link failure.
  3. Provide voice mail functionality when calls to phones go unanswered.
  4. Perform BGP/IGP routing with WAN provider links (Data Links only)
  5. Perform H323 signaling with PSTN provider links
  6. Will act as DHCP server for all Vlans in New Office.
  1. Vlan Segregation:-

Sample VOIP Design Solution 1

The Router will act as layer 3 gateway (192.168.XX.1/24) for all the Vlans

Total 4 Vlans will be carved out (Voice, Data, Server and Services Vlan).

Note: – for reference, we take private address range inside the New Office network.

S NoVlan nameVlan IDNetwork ID/SubnetVlan DescriptionRemarks
1Data VLAN10192.168.10.0/24For LAN Users data trafficFor 10 Desktops/TPs
2Server VLAN20192.168.20.0/24For Internal Servers (e.g. – Print Server, Proxy server etc.)
3Services vlan30192.168.30.0/24For Printers/ScannersOptional vlan
4VOIP Vlan40192.168.40.0/24For VoIP phones.May be created to support future VoIP integration requirement
S NoWAN Bandwidth per callMax concurrent calls over WAN (or BHCA)Total BandwidthRemarks
116 Kbps464 KbpsG.728 codec considered on WAN

Key considerations:-

  1. The WAN provider needs to provide Ethernet drop (10/100/1000 Mbps) at the new Site. The provider Ethernet cable will directly terminate in Internet Router/Firewall.
  2. Solution sized for 
    1. Maximum concurrency of VOIP calls over WAN = 4.


    1. Maximum 4 Analog PSTN calls (DS0 i.e. 4 voice channels).Note – PSTN links will be backup in case of WAN link failure.


Indicative Bill of Quantity:-

Internet Router cum IP PBX (Cisco)

Item NameDescriptionQuantityRemarks
WS-C2960X-24PS-LCatalyst 2960-X 24 GigE PoE 370W  4 x 1G SFP  LAN Base1 24 ports POE switch
CAB-IND-10A10A Power cable for India1 
PWR-CLPPower Retainer Clip For Cisco 3560-C and 2960-C Compact Swit1 
Support and Services ( per Year)
CON-SNT-WSC224SLSMARTNET 8X5XNBD Catalyst 2960-X 24 G11 Year Support (Next Business Day)


Item NameDescriptionQuantityService Type
CISCO2901/K9Cisco 2901 w/2 GE 4 EHWIC 2 DSP 256MB CF 512MB DRAM IP Base1Cisco 2901 CME Router with Scalability upto 35 phones
PWR-2901-ACCisco 2901 AC Power Supply1 
CAB-ACUAC Power Cord (UK) C13 BS 1363 2.5m1 
ISR-CCP-EXP-NOCONFCisco Config Pro Express on Router Flash w/o default config1 
SL-29-IPB-K9IP Base License  for Cisco 2901-29511 
MEM-CF-256MB256MB Compact Flash for Cisco 1900 2900 3900 ISR1 
MEM-2900-512MB-DEF512MB DRAM for Cisco 2901-2921 ISR (Default)1 
S29UK9-15303MCisco 2901-2921 IOS UNIVERSAL1 
SL-29-UC-K9Unified Communication  License  for Cisco 2901-29511 
FL-CMECisco Communications Manager Express License1 
FL-CME-SRST-5Communication Manager Express or SRST – 5 seat license2 10 phone License on CME/SRST
EHWIC-4ESGFour port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch interface card1 Additional 1G ports for LAN connectivity
VIC2-4FXOFour-port Voice Interface Card – FXO (Universal)1 4 FXO ports for 4 PSTN Voice channels
VIC3-4FXS/DIDFour-Port Voice Interface Card – FXS and DID1 4 FXS ports for Analog phones/FAX connectivity.
ISM-SRE-300-K9Internal Services Module (ISM) with Services Ready Engine1 Module for Voice Mail
SCUE-ISM-8.6-K9Cisco Unity Express Release 8.61 
CUE-LANG-ENUCisco Unity Express – North American English1 
FL-CUE-MBX-5Unity Express License – 5 Mailbox – CUCM and CUCME2 Voice mail for 10 users
FL-CUE-NR-PORT-2Unity Express License – Non Re-hostable – 2 Port1 
PVDM3-1616-channel high-density voice and video DSP module1 16 port DSP module
Support and Services ( per Year)


Item NameDescriptionQuantityService Type
EHWIC-4ESG-PFour port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch interface card w/PoE1 Optionally , 4 (POE) IP Phones can be directly terminated on this 4 port POE card.


IP Phones

Item NameDescriptionQuantityService Type
CP-3905=Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905  Charcoal  Standard Handset1IP Low end  Phone 
SW-CCME-UL-3905=Cisco Unified CME User License for single Cisco 3905G1User License for SIP Phone
Support and Services ( per Year)
CON-SNT-CP3905SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 Charcoal11 Year Support (8X5XNBD)


Item NameDescriptionQuantityService Type
CP-8841-K9=Cisco IP Phone 88411IP High End colored Phone 
SW-CCME-UL-8941=Cisco Unified CME User License for single Cisco 8941G1User License for IP Phone
Support and Services ( per Year)
CON-SNT-CP8841K9SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Cisco UC Phone 884111 Year Support (8X5XNBD)


Item NameDescriptionQuantityService Type
CP-7962GCisco UC Phone 79621Receptionist IP Phone
SW-CCME-UL-7962Communications Manager Express License For One 7962G Phone1User License for Ip Phone 
Support and Services ( per Year)


Note: – 2 Analog Phones also need to be procured.

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