Security attacks have been the talk of IT world lately. Recently we heard the news of attack on obsolete version of Microsoft Windows by Ransomware. Now a new Malware has emerged and this time on Google’s Play store.

The Malware name is “Judy” which is believed to be created by South Korean company named Kiniwini. Researchers state that Kiniwini uses the name ENISTUDIO corp on the Google play Store.The objective of the malware is to make money by auto-clicking ads through infected devices.Though the malware is believed to be recent however a case came to light where an app on Google play store was available for more than an year.

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As per checkpoint statement, the malware spread has expanded upto 36.5 million users and hence makes it the most widely-spread malware yet found on Google Play. Google promptly removed the apps once Checkpoint shared the “Judy” malware findings.

“Judy” brand name was disguised as general cooking and fashion games. Notable is that Judy was hiding on Google Play for so long, which showcases the less secured Operating system of Android platform. It is essential to state that malware program’s payload was downloaded from a non-Google server after the programs were installed which led to program propagating unnoticed. The code in infected device would then click on Google ads, generating fraudulent revenue for the attacker.


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