What is a Virtual Data Room? How is it different from a DropBox?

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Since the advent of the need to share data, millions of ways have been introduced for individual and business use. Services such as DropBox is one of the most efficient mediums for businesses and individuals to share files from anywhere and anytime.

While DropBox is still widely used, introduction of virtual data rooms has given businesses access to more specific features and enhanced security. Whether you use DropBox or virtual data rooms, everyone can understand that file management is crucial to stay organized and to manage the workflow.

While most people agree that data rooms are more effective, others debate their convenience and beginner friendliness. 


What is a Virtual Data Room?

A virtual data room, also referred to as a data room, is a cloud-based solution designed specifically for securely storing and sharing sensitive business information. A virtual data room (VDR) is essentially a digital version of a physical data room, with the key difference being that it operates online and securely stores all confidential documents. Unlike traditional data rooms, virtual data rooms allow multiple potential bidders to access and review sensitive information at the same time, all while minimizing the risk of any unauthorized access or exposure.

What is a DropBox?

DropBox is a widely recognized and highly utilized file hosting service, commonly known as a “cloud storage” service. It has a long-standing presence in the industry and continues to be one of the most favored choices for cloud storage among users. This platform provides a convenient solution for both individuals and businesses to store, find, organize, and collaborate on digital files from a single, centralized hub. Dropbox allows users to securely store their files in online folders and sync them across multiple devices.

Virtual Data Room vs DropBox

Here is a comparison of common features of DropBox and data rooms that can help you make the right decision for your needs.

1. Security

While DropBox has been around for quite some time, many users agree that the security protocols on the platform are a bare minimum. The user does not have access to a facility with as little as two-factor authentication. 

All your data lies ahead of a single password. Hence, they are unable to provide the right protection for sensitive data. However, you can use expiring links and benefit from the facility of download permissions. Yet, data rooms win over this round by all means.

 Virtual data rooms keep security as a top priority. It allows you to assign specific permissions that can be based on the role of a person. Hence, they can only access things based on their roles and responsibility. You can also restrict access for selective people to keep your data protected. 

2. Organization and Indexing

DropBox is one of the most commonly used file-sharing platforms, but the limitations with organization and indexing of data have made it hard for people to rely on it without any reservation. The most concerning thing is that it does not allow indexing and editing of data from other parties.

Of course, every business and individual understands the importance of organization. It can be hard to keep a track of things when any aspect of your workspace is unorganized. Hence many businesses and individuals have a hard time working with DropBox to share their files.

On the contrary, data rooms offer a lot more features that can help organize and index documents more effectively. While DropBox brings all data to one folder, data rooms allow you to arrange and categorize data as per your needs. Hence, it becomes easier for users to find files and make changes if needed without a hassle.

3. Access

Accessibility is a major concern for businesses and individuals alike. After all, everyone wants shared files and data to be accessible in any part of the world. It is one aspect that makes people rely on DropBox. You can store and access files from computers, phones, and even when offline. It makes data very easy to access.

Yet, the security of your data is still a major concern overlooked by DropBox. That is why people use DropBox only when sharing files that may not be that sensitive. However, many businesses and individuals understand that the security of more sensitive files cannot be trusted with DropBox.

In such circumstances, they switch to the Data Room. The only drawback of the data room is that it does not offer offline access. It can be a huge problem for people who travel a lot or may have limited access to the internet at times. However, the bright side of data rooms is that they can be accessed worldwide to facilitate mergers and acquisitions.

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