VPRN – Virtual Private Routed Network –

VPRN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Routed Network. This is a Layer 3 VPN technology and generally used Alcatel Lucent (Nokia) Routers in Service provider domain.

VPRN is a Multipoint-to-Multipoint Layer 3 VPN Service that connects multiple customer locations in a single logical routed architecture over IP network of a Service Provider.

Multiple customer networks exist in this IP/MPLS network, however, the VPRN service running on service provider network does not allow networks, different customer, to be known or interact.

Types of VPRN Routers  –

  • Provider Router (P): Service Provider Core Routers.
  • Provider Edge Router (PE): Service Provider Core Routers that are towards Customer.
  • Customer Edge Router (CE): Customer Routers that towards to Service Provider Edge Routers

As with VPRN, multiple sites of the customer can connect over the IP/MPLS Network of Service Provider. So, from the customer perspective, the sites are connected to a Router.


vprn service

vprn service

Benefits of VPRN Service :

  • Multiple customers can be served over a single IP/MPLS Network by Service Provider.
  • Any private IP Subnets can be used by the customer.
  • Redundancy can be given to the customer.
  • Customers benefit using a service provider managed IP/MPLS Network without extra efforts.


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