Top 30 VTP Interview Questions

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List of VTP Interview Questions

Below is the list of top interview questions asked related to VTP technology:

  1. What is VTP ?
  2. What is the benefit of VTP ?
  3. What are requisites for exchanging VTP messages between 2 switches ?
  4. What are different VTP Modes ?
  5. What is VTP pruning ?
  6. Is it possible to have two different VTP domains on the same switch?
  7. What are two benefits provided in VTP Version 2 that are not available in VTP Version 1 ?
  8. Which are the advertisement types VTP uses to exchange information between VTP switches ?
  9. What is a VTP configuration revision number?
  10. Which command can you use to check whether the pruning is enabled in your network or not ?
  11. What is difference between VTP v1 and v2 ?
  12. What is difference between VTP v2 and v3 ?
  13. How does VTP pruning improve network bandwidth?
  14. What is default mode of VTP ?
  15. Which VTP mode is capable of creating local VLANs ?
  16. What is difference between VTP transparent and client mode ?
  17. We have 2 switches and require the network to have only one VLAN. Do you need to implement the VTP between the switches?
  18. A switch updates its VLAN configuration based on what information ?
  19. A VTP Server is removed from the network. Does the network go down in this scenario ?
  20. 2 VTP enabled switches are connected to each other via access port (Vlan 2).Will the VTP information traverse across both switches ?
  21. Is VTP  enabled or disabled by default on all switches ?
  22. Is the VTP domain name automatically configured on client switch which receives advertisement from VTP Server (Server has VTP domain name configured)?
  23. The VTP functions at which layer of the OSI Model?
  24. What is the primary function of VTP?
  25. How many VTP domains can a switch be configured in?
  26. what the best approach to make sure that only set VLANs are ‘learned’ via VTP ?
  27. What is concept of “VTP Bomb” ?What are the provisions in Switches to address “VTP Bomb” scenario from happening ?
  28. Which command provides the “VTP configuration revision number” info on VTP enabled switches ?
  29. How to change switch from client mode to transparent mode ?
  30. Which VLAN range is eligible to be pruned when a network engineer enables VTP pruning on a switch? Does this hold true for all version of VTP ?

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