Windows vs Linux Operating System

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Windows and Linux are 2 of the most famous and widely used Operating system globally. With new updates and features being introduced, both these Linux OS have been in limelight across the world.

While the 1st version of Windows (1.0) got released in 1985, Linux, built by Linus Torvalds, came to fore in 1991. While Windows is GUI based Operating system which has commercials associated with licensing, Linux is an Open Source and free for use.

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In fact, notable to share that windows has captured approx. 90% share in Global OS market, whereas Linux sits at meagre 1.6%.

Another essential contrast between both is that former is very less secured compared to the latter, also that windows is very less considerate to end-user privacy whereas Linux provides full privacy to its users.

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Proponents of Windows boast of the OS being very user friendly and easy to use compared to Linux which is more complex and requires more skill to operate and work on.

On the other hand, Linux is considered very customizable with a plethora of features to support bespoke needs which are limited when it comes to Windows.

Having shared the thoughts in the above paragraphs, below table summarizes the same in a simple and structured format –


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