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It may be helpful to start with the acronyms. API is an application programming interface that comprises definitions, tools and protocols or rules to build the application. It is a basic set of building blocks that are required to make the development process of software. With the help of API, it becomes easy to open and operate. On the other hand, CLI- Command Line Interface is a method of interaction between the computer that is used earlier. It is a manual approach that helps managing and deploy the devices.


Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary software that helps to talk between the two applications. It can be understood as when you utilize any app such as weather forecast or Facebook to send the message, you are using the API.

While using an application on your cell phone, the apps get to connect to the internet and the data is sent to the server. Then the server retrieves the data, reads it, makes the required actions and directs it back to your phone in the form of information that you want to read. All this happens with the help of API- This is all about API.


They can also be used to control the access to software functions and hardware devices that an application may not have permission to use. This is the reason APIs also plays a vital role in terms of security.


A command-line interface (CLI) is a user interface (UI) that is text-based. It is used to manage and view the files on the computer. Command line interfaces are also named by console user interfaces, command line user interfaces, and character user interfaces.

Basically, the features of the command line interface are a black box with white text. By typing a command in the command line interface, the user responds to a prompt. The response or output can be in the form of table, command, list or other application actions.

Difference between API and CLI:

CLI is a basic way of computing. Its main function is to receive the text commands on the operating system and constructs them into functions. The CLI plays a vital role in the management of cloud computing because of its scripting abilities and developer user experience. It has been noted that the API-related companies are starting to offer the CLI with the API as well because of the realization that it may enhance their third-party experience of the developer.

While talking about the typical users, they rely on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for their devices, a Command Line Interface (CLI) is another way of the same end. A CLI is the text-driven command line used to access the operating system.


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