Basic OSPF Configuration of HP Switches


OSPF is one of the key dynamic routing protocols used inside a company’s authoritative domain. OSPF being open standard makes it the favored choice when it comes to multivendor Network environment.

OSPF in HP Switches

OSPF in HP layer 3 switches is considered under advanced features and hence requires “Premium” software license to be enabled and run.

The Premium license supports advanced routing features, including:

Example Scenario: Basic OSPF Configuration of HP Switches

In this example, we will enable OSPF in area 0 on HP layer 3 switch –

STEP 1 –

Enter OSPF configuration feature

(config)#router ospf

STEP 2 –

Configure OSPF to use area (backbone area in this case) –

((ospf)#area backbone

STEP 3 –

Next we configure VLAN that will be communicating with your other OSPF devices under OSPF area –

((vlan-100)#ip ospf area backbone

STEP 4 –

Now, we enable the OSPF process as under

((config)#router ospf enable


OSPF status and OSPF neighbors can be verified through below commands –

#show ip ospf general#show ip ospf neighbor

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