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Software-Defined Data Center brings together best-in-class compute, storage, networking virtualization and management offerings.It lets us to rapidly develop, automatically deliver and manage all of your enterprise applications, no matter where they reside, from one, unified platform.Lets drill down , how the concept of SDDC benefits the ever changing business demands and customer expectations –

     1.Reduced Capital and Operational Expenses –

By sharing and intelligently assigning resources, the software-defined data center maximizes the physical infrastructure utilization. The SDDC makes use of commodity x86 hardware, cutting capital spend and reducing on-going maintenance expenses compared to proprietary solutions. IT staff devotes less time to routine tasks, maximising productivity. All this drastically drops the Capex and OpEx.



     2. Ease of Management –

The keyword here is simple is better. Instead using multiple tools to manage the variety of technologies in data center from servers to switches to storage devices – the SDDC provides a single platform for monitoring server, storage and networking resources.


      3. Reduced application delivery time

Enabling deployment of applications in minutes or even seconds with policy-driven provisioning that dynamically matches resources to continually changing workloads and business demands.


      4.  Automation and Orchestration –

With a full services of SDDC available, we are poised to extend the benefits of automation and orchestration into any IT services delivery workflow. This means that previously complex IT services can be deployed in a standard, repeatable fashion.


      5. Eliminate Vendor Lock-in –

In the SDDC, all of custom hardware functions (like routers, switches, storage firewalls etc.) are performed by software running on commodity x86 servers. Instead of being locked in to the vendor’s hardware, IT managers can buy commodity servers at cheaper rate and at their own discretion. Not only does this save money, but also avoids situations like vendor’s manufacturing process or supply chain delays.


      6. Enhanced security –

Increased security through policy based governance.




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