How can you check vlans in Cisco’s switch?


You are a datacenter engineer in a local datacenter. You want to get access to a router which is in Japan and you are in Luton. Which is the best method to use in accessing Japan’s Cisco router?


Which of the following statements are true regarding the processing of ACLs that have been applied to router interfaces ?


How does creating an access list differ in IPv6 from IPv4?


What will be the broadcast address of


You have connected to your Cisco IOS router using SSH for remote management. You have entered the command “debug ip rip” to verify that RIP updates are being sent and received by the router. You wait for 90 seconds and notice that no RIP updates are being sent or received. After reviewing the RIP configuration, you conclude that the configuration is fine. You also verify that logging to the vty lines is set to debugging. Why are you not seeing the RIP updates ?


At which layer RIPv2 packets are transferred to another router?


If EX is the code for EIGRP External Routes, then what is the code for EIGRP Internal Routes ?


What will be the Net mask for this IP


What command will successfully change the configuration register so that a Cisco IOS 2900 series router will boot into ROM Monitor mode ?


Which command is used to check ACLs in Cisco’s router?


Which command is used to see routing table in Cisco’s 2800 router?


If you are using EIGRP in R1 and OSPF in R2, what is the concept called to connect them?


Which of the following messages in the DHCP process are broadcasted ?


As an IT support engineer in a software house, you saw R1 serial 1/0 is down, what is the best command to check this issue?


At which layer router operates?


LAN is commonly used for?


In Cisco’s 2600 router, which command will add EIGRP 109 in router?


The type of service field in an IPv4 header is used for QoS.Which field in the IPv6 header is used for QoS ?


Which statements correctly define VLANs?


How to put enable password on a Cisco’s router?


At which layer UDP is most likely to be used?


Which protocol is used to cope with larger complex network?


Refer to exhibit. Which destination addresses will be used by Host A to send data to Host C ?


What is the administrative distance of static route to next hop-address?


What will be the broadcast address for this IP


Which command is used to create a standard numbered IPv4 ACL ?


Which of the following is a secure connection sold by service providers for WAN connectivity ?


From which mode you can add route maps?


Refer to the exhibit. Host A pings interface S0/0 on router 3. What is the TTL value for that ping ?