Cisco Catalyst 9400 vs 9500

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Cisco Catalyst 9000 series platform is 1st purpose-built platforms designed to integrate with Cisco DNA and Cisco SD-Access. These family of switches are designed to address present and future demands of security, mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud.

This post will share the comparison of high-end catalyst 9400 and 9500 series switches.

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Both the series (9400 and 9500) are purpose-built to be positioned at Core and Aggregation layers (though 9400 may also be provisioned in Access layer), where 9400 is modular architecture and 9500 comes in pizza box size (1 RU). Further, 9500 has brought link bandwidth to a new level of 100G uplink support.

Catalyst 9400 vs 9500

Below are the differences between Catalyst 9400 and 9500 series switches –

catalyst 9400

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