Cisco Catalyst 9300 vs 9400

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Today’s Ever-changing IT world requires a network that constantly learns, constantly adapts and protects. Cisco applied that knowledge in designing the next generation switches – Catalyst 9000 series.Cisco 9000 series of switches is designed to integrate with Cisco DNA – A single management domain of whole enterprise domain. Infact, X86 based CPU on these switches is capable of running 3rd party applications hosted in containers and at same time securing the services.

Another key takeaway is this new family of switches is that it runs on single and open operating system.9000 series is considered twice as fast and support twice the capacity of any other switches in their class. Last but not least, IOS XE gives us the ability to control the 9000 series via API.

The 3 series of catalyst 9000 switches are –


  • The Catalyst 9300
  • The Catalyst 9400
  • The Catalyst 9500

We will further drill down and understand how Catalyst 9300 differ from Catalyst 9400 series –

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