CCNA practice Exam 3


How much time it will take to elect DR BDR in OSPF?


Which multicast address does OSPF used to send routing information?


How can you identify router ID?


Which protocol can you use to achieve gateway redundancy and high availability for network users ?


What will be the summarized address of three static routes?


What Cisco command is used on Cisco router to display a list of current OSPF neighbor devices ?


In a network of two Cisco switches, one is having priority of 32665 and second having 0, which one will be the root bridge?


Which configuration mode allows configuration of remote access to router’s CLI ?


You have an IP of with a subnet mask of 7 bits. How many hosts and subnets are possible?


Which of the following subnet masks allows for 30 hosts addressing in the class C network ?


What is the command used to add a banner to a Cisco router configuration?


If one router is in HONGKONG and second in PARIS, Which connectivity technology will be used to connect both?


In which protocol you can make policies to route traffic?


At which layer does TCP work?


Which OSPF area type is necessary for multi-area OSPF setup to operate?


Which of the following are session layer standards? [Select 2].


From where the extended VLAN starts in Cisco’s switch?   


At which layer RIP v2 operate?


Which of the following is a protocol that is used between Cisco devices to help finding information about neighboring devices ?


Two sub layers of OSI Data Link layer are which of the following? [Select 2].


How many types of routers that control OSFP?


Which one is the correct command to check OSPF? (choose two)


To which class IP belongs to?


Match the following:

A. Repeaters 1. Data Link Layer

B. Bridges 2. Network Layer

C. Routers 3. Physical Layer

Select the best combination:


What does DRO stands for in OSPF?


What is the default administrative distance for RIP?


Which of the following is Class C IP address?




TCP is


What routing protocol supports unequal cost load-balancing ?


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