CCNP Practice Exam 1


The multicast address FF02::10 is used by ___________________


The value of Max age in STP is __________ seconds.


VLAN information is not saved in the configuration (running-config or startup-config) but stored in a file, named _____________


VTP uses different modes for operation. Which of the below is not a VTP mode?


Which of the following are VLAN Trunking protocols?


Which of these is an Exterior Gateway Protocol?


Which of the below is an open standard protocol for Etherchannel?


The new cost for STP 100Mbs Link bandwidth is ___________


IPv6 is ________________ bit addressing scheme


BGP updates will consume memory, thus to reduce the memory requirement, ISP may offer some options, which of these are those options. Choose all that apply.


Which of the following is not a RSTP state?


DTP stands for-


Which of the below is NOT a state in switching (STP)?


In port Security Each interface being used dynamically learns MAC addresses by default and expectsthose addresses to appear on that interface in the future. This is known as


The Cisco proprietary method for Trunking is ___________________


The Administrative distance of IS-IS is _________


All the ports in ________________ VLAN are unable to communicate with each other but they can communicate with the promiscuous port.


The proper sequence of criteria for STP to choose a path is :


The destination MAC address is used as an index to theCAM table. If the frame contains a Layer 3 packet to be forwarded, the destinationMAC address is that of a Layer 3 port on the switch. In this case, the CAM tableresults are used only to decide that the frame should be processed at Layer 3.” The above statement is associate of which of the below.


When using redistribution between different protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, RIP etc), the metric used to inject routes to another routing protocol is called __________________ ( e.g. From RIP to EIGRP, or EIGRP to OSPF etc)


LSA Type 3 is also known as ___________________


Which of the below are OSPF special Area Types?


What is the correct sequence of attributes in BGP


For IPv6 interface address a check is done to see if the Ipv6 address is already in use. This mechanism is called _______________.


To send topology information to neighbors EIGRP uses UPDATE message. These Update messages are sent by using-


Which of the following is a Path-vector routing protocol?


OSPF routers that communicate with other network routers like EIGRP are called

Backbone Router
Autonomous System Border Router
Area Border Router
Backup Designated Router


Which of the below is not a necessary requirement for EIGRP to form neighbors with other EIGRP routers?

Primary IP address should be in same subnet
K-Values should match
Must be in Same Autonomous System Number ( ASN)
Router –IDs must be unique


Which of the following is used to create a loop free topology in switching?


Which of the below are protocols related to Etherchannel? Choose two.


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