CCNP Practice Exam 2 – MCQs


Suppose you need to disable CDP advertisements on a switch port so that untrusted devices cannot learn anything about your switch. Which one of the following interface configuration commands should be used?


In a switch spoofing attack, an attacker makes use of which one of the following?


The users in a department are using a variety of host platforms, some old and some new. All of them have been approved with a user ID in a RADIUS server database.Which one of these features should be used to restrict access to the switch ports in the building?


What type of port configuration should you use for private VLAN interfaces that connect to a router?


Which answer describes multilayer switching with CEF?


At what layer are traditional 10-Mbps Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet the same?


Which one of the following represents the spoofed information an attacker sends in a VLAN hopping attack?


Which two of the following methods does a switch use to detect spoofed addresses
when IP Source Guard is enabled?


The vlan 100 command has just been entered. What is the next command needed to configure VLAN 100 as a secondary isolated VLAN?


Which one of the following methods can be used to prevent a VLAN hopping attack?


Which of these is not a standard type of gigabit interface converter (GBIC) or small form factor pluggable (SFP) module?


Which one of the following should be configured as a trusted port for dynamic ARP inspection?


Which of the following devices performs transparent bridging?


When a PC is connected to a Layer 2 switch port, how far does the collision domain spread?


In the Catalyst 6500, frames can be filtered with access lists for security and QoS purposes. This filtering occurs according to which of the following?


What does the IEEE 802.3 standard define?


What does a switch do if a MAC address cannot be found in the CAM table?


Suppose an LAP/WLC combination is used to provide connectivity from SSID “staff’’ to VLAN 17. Which one of the following is the correct extent for the VLAN?


Promiscuous ports must be ______________ to primary and secondary VLANs, and host ports must be ________________.


What is the maximum cable distance for a Category 5 100BASE-TX connection?


In what part of a Catalyst switch are VLAN ACLs implemented?


Which of the following private VLANs is the most restrictive?


Ethernet autonegotiation determines which of the following?


Which two of the following methods should you use to secure inbound CLI sessions to a switch?


Which of the following show interface output information can you use to diagnose a switch port problem?


Access list rules are compiled as TCAM entries. When a packet is matched against an access list, in what order are the TCAM entries evaluated?


Multilayer switches using CEF are based on which of these techniques?


Which one of the following commands can be used to prevent a switch spoofing attack on an end-user port?


In a switch, frames are placed in which buffer after forwarding decisions are made?


What information is used to forward frames in a Layer 2 switch?


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