What network diameter value is the basis for the default STP timer calculations?


Where should the root bridge be placed on a network?


Where should the STP PortFast feature be used?


Which IOS command configures a Catalyst switch for VTP client mode?


What command can change the path cost of interface Gigabit Ethernet 3/1 to a value of 8?


How is a bridging loop best described?


What is the purpose of VTP pruning?


Select all the parameters that decide whether to accept new VTP information:


What is the default path cost of a Gigabit Ethernet switch port?


Which of the following is a result of a poorly placed root bridge in a network?


Which of the following commands is most likely to make a switch become the root bridge for VLAN 5, assuming that all switches have the default STP parameters?


What happens if the root bridge switch and another switch are configured with different STP Hello timer values?


Where does a collision domain exist in a switched network?


Which one of the following commands can be used to verify the current root bridge in VLAN 10?


How many instances of STP are supported in the Cisco implementation of MST?


If used, the STP BackboneFast feature should be enabled on which of these?


To maintain a loop-free STP topology, which one of the following should a switch uplink be protected against?


A switch in VTP transparent mode can do which one of the following?


What is the default 802.1D STP bridge priority on a Catalyst switch?


How many VTP management domains can a Catalyst switch participate in?


If a VTP server is configured for VTP version 2, what else must happen for successful VTP communication in a domain?


Which one of the following is needed for VTP communication?


Which of the following might present a VTP problem?


Which VLAN number is never eligible for VTP pruning?


Which one of the following VTP modes does not allow any manual VLAN configuration changes?


Why is it important to protect the placement of the root bridge?


Which of these parameters should you change to make a switch become a root bridge?


Where should the STP UplinkFast feature be enabled?


Which one of the following is a valid VTP advertisement?


Which of the following is not a Catalyst switch VTP mode?