CCNP practice Exam 4


Which one of the following is a valid combination of ports for an EtherChannel?


Which DSCP codepoint name usually is used for time-critical packets containing voice data?


Which of the following is not a port state in RSTP?


What type of interface represents an EtherChannel as a whole?


How can the EtherChannel load-balancing method be set?


Which of the following events triggers a topology change with RSTP on a nonedge port?


Which of the following is not a valid method for EtherChannel load balancing?


Which of the following is not a characteristic of MST?


Which of the following arrangements can be considered interVLAN routing?


Which one of the following commands enables the use of RSTP?


What are the most important aspects to consider when designing the core layer in a large network? (Choose all that apply.)


In a switch spoofing attack, an attacker makes use of which one of the following?


Which process is used during RSTP convergence?


When a switch running RSTP receives an 802.1D BPDU, what happens?


How many distribution switches should be built into each switch block?


What logical operation is performed to calculate EtherChannel load balancing as a function of two addresses?


What causes RSTP to view a port as a point-to-point port?


When port-based authentication is enabled globally, what is the default behavior for all switch ports?


Which one of the following types of traffic is sent securely over an LWAPP tunnel?


Which of these is a method for negotiating an EtherChannel?
a. PAP


On which standard is RSTP based?


Which of the following is a valid EtherChannel negotiation mode combination between two switches?


Which of the following standards defines the MST protocol?


What is the purpose of breaking a campus network into a hierarchical design?


If Fast Ethernet ports are bundled into an EtherChannel, what is the maximum throughput supported on a Catalyst switch?


In what part of a Catalyst switch are VLAN ACLs implemented?


Assume that CEF is active on a switch. What happens to a packet that arrives needing fragmentation?


What is the maximum number of access-layer switches that can connect into a single distribution-layer switch?
a. 1
b. 2
c. Limited only by the number of ports on the access-layer switch-
d. Limited only by the number of ports on the distribution-layer switch
e. Unlimited


Which of these methods distributes traffic over an EtherChannel?


When does an RSTP switch consider a neighbor to be down?


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