IT industry is making great strides towards efficiency and scalability to meet the virtualization demand.The key ask is for demand of multitenancy and virtualization features like VM mobility as turnkey projects.difference-between-underlay-network-and-overlay-network


Network overlays is the latest solution to meet these demands, infact this technology can speed configuration of new or existing services However , 1st we need to understand how Underlay Network is different from Underlay Network which IT industry has known for years.

Underlay Network is physical infrastructure above which overlay network is built. It is the underlying network responsible for delivery of packets across networks.

An Overlay Network is a virtual network that is built on top of an underlying network infrastructure (Underlay Network). Actually, “Underlay” provides a “service” to the overlay

Below table will further elaborate the difference between “Underlay Network” and “Overlay Network” as below –difference-between-underlay-network-and-overlay-network

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