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Cabling & Passive Networking Interview Q&A Vol 1.0

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Top 50 Passive Networking And Cabling Interview Questions –

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A curated list of top 50  Passive Networking And Cabling Interview Questions,  one should unquestionably be aware of before applying for any job.  It’s a comprehensive list of questions that will help you in your interview preparation.

  1. What is Structured Cabling?
  2. What is the difference between CAT 5 and CAT 5e cable?
  3. What is the difference between patch cable and crossover cable?
  4. What is the maximum length of CAT5 – CAT5e cable?
  5. What factors will affect the performance of Cat5/5e cable?
  6. What is a patch cable?
  7. When is it better to use Fiber Optical cabling?
  8. Can we use CAT 5 cable outdoors?
  9. What is the difference between CAT 6 and CAT 5e cable?
  10. Can we use an RJ45 splitter to connect two computers to one source?
  11. What cable should I use to connect a PC to a DSL or Cable modem?
  12. What is the maximum operating temperature range for CAT5e cable?
  13. What is a crossover cable?
  14. Is Wireless Networking as fast as a CAT 5 solid cable connection?
  15. Is Coaxial Cable faster than CAT 5 Cable?
  16. How does temperature affect the signal quality of CAT 5 Cable?
  17. What is the difference between Multimode and Single Mode fiber?
  18. What are the differences between STP and UTP cable?
  19. What is the 5-4-3 rule?
  20. Which standards are used for Gigabit Ethernet?
  21. What do the standard IEEE802.3z define?
  22. Which standard defines Token Ring?
  23. What is the maximum distance limit of UTP cable?
  24. What is the maximum distance which SMF (single mode fiber) cable supports?
  25. What is the maximum distance which MMF (Multi mode fiber) cable supports?
  26. What is the maximum rate of collision in a healthy Ethernet LAN?
  27. Which connection method does Wireless 802.11b LAN use?
  28. What Is Modal Bandwidth, And How Does It Effect What Distances Gigabit Ethernet Can Travel Over Fiber?
  29. If You Have A 50 Micron Fiber Backbone, Can You Use 62.5 Fiber Jumpers On Each End?
  30. What are Fiber Optics?
  31. What are the different parts of Optical Fiber?
  32. What are the Advantages of Fiber Optics?
  33. What does it cost to use fiber vs. conventional cat 5 cablings for a LAN?
  34. What is Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC)?
  35. What is SONET?
  36. Explain two main components which form fiber optic communication system?
  37. Explain difference between SDH and SONET?
  38. What are the states that node in Ethernet using CSMA/CD access control?
  39. What is the purpose of cables being shielded and having twisted pairs?
  40. What advantages does fiber optics have over other media?
  41. What happens when you use cables longer than the prescribed length?
  42. What is the standard color sequence of a straight-through cable?
  43. You need to connect two computers for file sharing. Is it possible to do this without using a hub or router?
  44. What is difference between CAT6,CAT6A and CAT7
  45. What is difference between SFP and XFP?
  46. What is difference between Single mode SFP and Multimode SFP?
  47. Difference between RJ11 and RJ45?
  48. What is POE?
  49. What is Network TAP?
  50. What is difference between POE and UPOE?

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Passive Networking & Cabling Interview Q&A