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  1. Describe the roles of RD and RT in MPLS L3VPN?
  2. How can you differentiate VPNv4 and IPv4 address-family?
  3. Is it possible to assign the same RD to multiple customers?
  4. What are the benefits of using MPLS?
  5. What do you mean by MPLS?
  6. What is the difference between MPLS and Leased Line?
  7. Explain PHP in MPLS?
  8. Describe PUSH in relation to MPLS?
  9. What is the difference between MPLS LDP and RSVP?
  10. Describe SWAP in relation to MPLS?
  11. POP function in MPLS?
  12. What is a label?
  13. What is the structure of the label?
  14. Where will the label be imposed in a packet?
  15. What is a Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC)?
  16. Name the major roles of MPLS routers?
  17. What is the Label Edge Router (LER)?
  18. What is the label switch router (LSR)?
  19. Can an LSR receive/transmit a labelled packet on a non-MPLS interface?
  20. What platforms and Cisco IOS support MPLS?
  21. How much overhead does an MPLS LSP tunnel have?
  22. How does the LSR know which is the top label, bottom label, and a middle label of the label stack?
  23. What is the range of label values?
  24. What label values are reserved? What do the reserved values signify?
  25. How many bits in an MPLS label?
  26. To what multicast address are LDP hellos sent?
  27. On what UDP port is LDP sent?
  28. What is the difference between the FIB and the LFIB?
  29. What options are available for load balancing MPLS packets?
  30. Can we configure an 802.1Q trunk between two Cisco Catalyst switches on different sites over an MPLS connection?
  31. Does the DHCP relay function work in MPLS VPN Network?
  32. What protocol and port numbers do LDP and TDP use to distribute labels to LDP/TDP peers?
  33. What is the difference between RD and RT?
  34. What is CEF and without enabling CEF, can we make MPLS work?
  35. What are the default timers of LDP?
  36. Does MPLS support IPv6?
  37. What Is VPLS?
  38. How is VPLS different from MPLS?
  39. With MPLS VPN-aware NAT, what additional information is tracked inside the NAT translation table?
  40. What is the difference between VPN and MPLS?
  41. What is a Label Switch Path?
  42. What is the Label Distribution Protocol?
  43. What’s the difference between CR-LDP and RSVP-TE?
  44. What is the relationship between MPLS and the Interior Routing Protocol?
  45. What other protocols does MPLS support besides IP?
  46. What differences are there in running MPLS in OSPF versus IS-IS environments?
  47. MPLS works on which layer?
  48. What is the protocol used by MPLS?
  49. Which router performs the PHP function?
  50. Label 3 routing protocols and label exchange protocols exist at which MPLS plane?
  51. What are the different types of labels?
  52. Does RD travel in route update?
  53. In neighbor discovery command, I am receiving the only xmit, what does it mean?
  54. What is transport address?
  55. What is MP-iBGP?
  56. Differences between MPLS and VPN?
  57. What are the prerequisites to run MPLS?
  58. Which Routing protocols support MPLS Traffic Engineering?
  59. What are LIB?
  60. What is LFIB?
  61. If we disable CEF will MPLS work?
  62. What is different between VRF and VRF Lite?
  63. What is VPLS?
  64. Can we implement a class of service with MPLS?
  65. What is the difference between the P and PE router in terms of MPLS?
  66. Two routers are having 4 equal-cost links, how many LDP sessions will be established?
  67. Without router reflector can I implement MPLS?
  68. My LDP router id, OSPF router-id and BGP router-id is different, will it work to forward the traffic of customers or not?
  69. What is the default range of MPLS labels in Cisco routers?
  70. What group is responsible for creating MPLS standards?
  71. What are the components of MPLS-TE?
  72. What is “GMPLS”?
  73. Can I make my PE router as P?
  74. What are the requirements to run MPLS Traffic Engineering in the network?
  75. How to filter MPLS labels?

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