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  1. What is Hierarchical Network Architecture?
  2. What is a VRF?
  3. Name two technology by which you would connect two offices in remote locations.
  4. How would you provide user-based authentication on a wireless network?
  5. What technology would you use to segregate departments?
  6. How many users are available on the network
  7. What device would you use for sharing a cable modem Internet connection with LAN users?
  8. Name one scenario, where a NAT device would be preferred over forward proxy server?
  9. A Wireless Solution with Wireless controller and Wireless Access points is being set up in corporate office. The customer does not intend to invest in having a dedicated Radius Server for Wireless Users access. What all alternative solution can be suggested to save on additional infrastructure cost?
  10. A Network Designer is setting up Campus Architecture in a ring topology. What is a maximum number of Layer 2 Switches recommended to be used to form ring architecture?
  11. A customer wants to load share traffic across 2 ISP Links (on 2 separate Routers) for browsing. What all options can be leveraged to meet this requirement?
  12. There is a need to set up a proxy server for secured Internet browsing of Corporate LAN users. Where the Proxy server should be deployed?
  13. What will be the longest prefix we can use on WAN Interface for a point to point link?
  14. A new Branch office is being set up. Below are the key Network and Security Infrastructure which have been procured. Kindly arrange them in order of placement in-branch setup –
  15. Roaming Corporate workers need to access Corporate LAN Services like File server and Internal Portals. What solution should be proposed to meet this requirement?
  16. As a network designer, you are given the responsibility to resolve WAN Link choking so that Business-critical and rich media traffic may not face disruptions due to WAN congestion. What will be the most viable and economical solution?
  17. What difference between HLD and LLD?
  18. What is the difference between Functional and Non-functional Business requirements of an IT setup?
  19. What are major Security Zones in Corporate network?
  20. What are the key considerations while selecting a Router for a WAN Link?
  21. What are the key considerations while selecting a Switch in a solution?
  22. In the below diagram, the LAN traffic from Behind Firewall needs to reach out towards the Internet. The Links should be configured as Active-Standby. What would be recommended configuration on Cisco Routers to support Active-Standby outgoing traffic flow via the 2 links?
  23. After the solution for above is implemented, there is a new requirement where a new DMZ VLAN has been also been provisioned and now customer wants to have Active-Active traffic flow over both the links with minimal configuration changes. How will this be achieved?
  24. As a network Designer, I have been asked to Install Riverbed steelhead inpath across a Branch location. Which of the below recommended approach to on RB placement with Router and WAN Link?
  25. In a Corporate Head Office Network Setup, User LAN traffic is supposed to traverse through Firewall before talking to Application Servers. However, on verifying the traffic Flow (User LAN to App Server) flow via Firewall, no traffic is seen. What could be the reason for no traffic log in Firewall? What change needs to be performed to achieve the required traffic flow?
  26. In the previous scenario, Changing of Default Gateway on User LAN and APP Server LAN is not possible. What could be the workaround (configuration is only possible at Network devices and not endpoints) with minimal changes in devices?
  27. In below Setup, Router is connected through a single link to Layer 3 Switch (switch ports on Layer2 – Switchport) with subnet In order to provide link redundancy, another link is connected between switch and router, However, 2 challenges are there –
    1)Another IP subnet for the new link is not available.
    2)Router ports don’t support layer 2 configuration (Switchport command not supported).What needs to be done to meet link redundancy requirement?
  28. A new Business partnership has been agreed between 2 organization A and B respectively. Business Partner A needs to access some services/ applications of Organization B via a point to point link. Where should the links to be terminated considering the secured flow of traffic across both?
  29. While sizing a switch for LAN user termination, what should be oversubscription ratio?
  30. While sizing a switch for Server termination, what should be oversubscription ratio?
  31. What components would be required to setup IPSEC VPN connection between two offices?
  32. A new branch office with 50 Mbps MPLS Bandwidth is being setup. What should be the Router model we should choose?
  33. A new branch office has terminated a new Internet Link but there is no firewall in the setup to protect the network. What should the best possible solution to provide network security?
  34. Customer office has an Internet Connection and wants to use web Hosting traffic and Cloud proxy. How will the same be implemented?
  35. A Customer has 2 Internet Links from different providers and using Public IP of 1st Provider to Host the website. On a day, the 1st Provider Link goes down and customer is not able to access the Web server from the Internet. What could be the reason?
  36. Service provider Mux is 150 meters away from WAN Router. What should be the best physical media connectivity to meet this requirement of 100 Mbps link?
  37. The customer has procured a new 10 Mbps link which may increase up to 40 Mbps in next 5 years? What are considerations with link sizing?
  38. Kindly share models of some of LAN switches which are generally positioned in Branch Sites?
  39. New Servers with Dual LAN ports are being setup in a Data Center. These are very critical servers since bulk of revenue-generating applications are stationed in these servers. What should be considerations while selecting the Access layer switch to support such a setup?
  40. A customer has Web-facing applications in Data Center and has recently setup new DR as backup for these applications. Customer is looking for a solution which should support automatic failover of Application traffic to DR during event of Data Center Down. What should be the best fit solution in such a scenario?
  41. In Below existing setup, 3 VLANs are created on Layer3 Switch (no IP assigned to any of 3 SVIs) and all are extended towards Firewall (via Trunk Link). As part of network fine-tuning, a proposal is floated to Network Designer to create 3 SVI for 3 VLANs on Layer 3 Switch. What should be the Network Designer response?
  42. What is POC?
  43. With mushroom growth in application traffic, the progression of virtualization and increase in East-West Traffic which Network topologies and design solutions within Data Centers should be provisioned?
  44. What is the reason for SDWAN based solutions being hot buy in today’s enterprises?
  45. Which are leading SDWAN vendors in the market?
  46. What is a server farm?
  47. What are the protection mechanisms to secure server farms?
  48. In Hub and Spoke topology setup, few old routers in small Branch offices are showing high CPU utilization and memory usage due to loads EIGRP learned routes from HUB sites. This has led to slow application response and poor end-user experience. What could be done to address this situation?
  49. What is Collapsed Core Architecture and where should it be proposed?
  50. How to compute network availability for a network or security device?

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