Difference between Wired and Wireless Network

differentiate between wired and wireless network

Wired Network –

In the networking world, “Wired” as the name suggests refers to any physical medium connected through wires and cables. The wires/cables can be copper wire, twisted pair or even fibre optic. Wired connectivity is responsible for providing high security with high Bandwidth provisioned for each user.

In fact, Wired connectivity is considered highly reliable and incurs very low delay, unlike Wireless connectivity.

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Wireless Network –

Wireless” as the term refers, uses air as a medium to send electromagnetic waves or infrared waves. Wireless devices have antennas for communication. Wireless connectivity provides a major benefit of user mobility and ease of deployment. Wireless becomes more useful in areas where Wires can’t be reached.

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Though wireless connectivity is less secured and higher delay than wired connectivity, it is still preferred communication technology for customers. Wireless also earns low Installation cost in contrast to wired connectivity.

What is Difference b/w Wired & Wireless Network?

The following table denotes & explain the difference in both wired and wireless network –

Communication Medium
Copper, Fiber etc.
IEEE 802.3
802.11 family
Mobility and Roaming
Lower than Wired. Also easy to hack
Speed / Bandwidth
High Speed upto 1 Gbps
Lower speed than Wired Network.
Access to Network
Physical Access Required
Proximity Required
HighLower than Wired
Flexibility to change
Less flexible to changes
More flexible configuration
Working principle
CSMA/CD, operates by detecting the occurrence of a collision.
CSMA/CA , hence reduces possibility of collision be avoiding collision from happening
Interference and Fluctuations vulnerability
Very Less
Installation activity
Cumbersome and manpower intensive
Less labor intensive and easy
Installation Time
Takes longer time to perform
Very less deployment time
Dedicated / Shared Connection
Installation Cost
Maintenance (Upgrade) cost
Related equipment
Router, Switch , Hub
Wireless Router, Access Point
* Greater Speed
* Higher noise immunity
* Highly reliable
* Greater Security
* No Hassles of Cable
* Best for mobile devices
* Greater mobility
* Easy installation and management

Download the difference table: wired and wireless


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