5G vs 4G: Detailed Comparison

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Introduction to 5G and 4G technologies

Development is the key to ever demanding Networking world. Same has been the scenario for wireless technology, with each generation of wireless showcasing features far above the former generation. In this article, we will discuss on comparison of 5G (5th generation) and 4G (4th generation) wireless technologies. 5G will replace 4G technology since its more efficient, faster and has improved signal output.

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The ever growing IT world has been become more demanding for speed and performance especially with influx of more mobiles on daily basis.  4G will fail at providing all the data needs, and this is where 5G opens the door to embrace internet enabled technologies like electronic wearables, smart traffic lights, wireless sensors and machine to machine communication.


4G was introduced and then rolled out by telecom companies between 2006 to 2010 while 5G is projected to be officially deployed for customers use between 2020 to 2021. 5G can support download speed upto 20 Gbps (10 Gbps Uplink) while 4G is limited to peak speed of 1 Gbps. In terms of latency also, 5G scores high with latency 10 times lesser than 4G – 4G latency is 10 ms and 5G latency is as low as 1 ms. High speed of 5G is due to much broader frequency spectrum i.e. 30 GHz to 300 GHz while 4G technology is limited to below 6GHz.

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Due to shorter wavelength usage, 5G uses different kinds of antennas that are be much smaller than existing 4G antennas while still providing accurate signal directional control. The different antennas of 5G also benefit from support of 1000+ additional devices than its former version. 5G uses BDMA (Beam Division Multiple Access) to increase wireless communication and handle a large number of users.

With such a tremendous enhancement in fifth Generation technology, the pathway is set to support IoT (Internet of Things) needs. Infact, this new wireless technology will support ultra High resolution video calls, Virtual Reality and smart home devices.

Comparison Table: 4G vs 5G

All the above shared differences between 5G and 4G can be enumerated in below table –










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