Top 50 Ansible Interview Questions

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Ansible Interview Questions


Get equipped with the best set of questions asked for Ansible Interview:

Q1. Are you familiar with concept of DevOps?

Q2.  What is Ansible?

Q3. List down some benefits of using Ansible tool.


Q4. Give examples of some common use cases for Ansible.

Q5. Describe architecture of Ansible?

Q6. What are the prerequisites for installation of Ansible?

Q7. What are Ansible playbooks?

Q8. Who developed Ansible?

Q9. Who acquired Ansible and when?

Q10. Ansible is available on which all platforms?

Q11. Describe Ansible workflow.

Q12. How Ansible and CI/CD are related?

Q13. What are Ansible adhoc commands?

Q14. Describe the structure of playbook.

Q15. Explain types of YAML tags.

Q16. Describe Ansible roles.

Q17. Describe Ansible variables.

Q18. Explain difference between Puppet and Ansible?.

Q19. What are the limitations of Ansible?

Q20. Describe host management in Ansible.

Q21. What all Windows platforms Ansible supports?

Q22. What is Ansible tower?

Q23. Describe function of Ansible tags?

Q24. Explain difference between Chef and Ansible?

Q25. Explain static and dynamic inventory in Ansible?

Q26. Which protocol is used by Ansible in Windows to communciate?

Q27. Describe about Ansible modules.

Q28. How to enable host key checking in Ansible?

Q29. What is Ansible-Doc?

Q30. Explain patterns in Ansible.

Q31. Describe Ansible vault?

Q32. Explain block feature in Ansible.

Q33. What is Ansible Galaxy?

Q34. What is difference between variable name and an environment variable?

Q35. What are the different types of variables available in Ansible?

Q36. How to turn of facts in Ansible?

Q37. How to enable ‘Privilege escalation’ in Ansible?

Q38. What are cache plugins in Ansible and how they are enabled?

Q39. What command is used to get list of Ansible cache plugins?

Q40. Describe different types of plugins available in Ansible.

Q41. How multiple communication protocols are managed in Ansible?

Q42. What is Ansible automation hub?

Q43. What are magic variables in Ansible?

Q44. What command is used to set PATH or any other environment variable for a task or complete play?

Q45. How to enable Ansible to recognize a dead target in timely manner?

Q46. How to see list of all ansible variables?

Q47. What command is used to list all inventory variables defined for a host?

Q48. Which adhoc command can be used to generate encrypted passwords for user module in Ansible?

Q49. What are Ansible roles and how they differ from playbooks?

Q50. What command is used to check connection to all nodes specified in inventory file?


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