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List of Top Nexus ACI Interview Questions

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  1. What are 2 modes of Operation in which nexus 9000 Series switches can be configured in?
  2. What is ACI Spine-Leaf Architecture?
  3. In ACI Mode, can we connect one Spine directly to other Spine? Also, can we connect one Leaf directly to other Leaf?
  4. In ACI mode deployment, how many controller are recommended in Layer 3 fabric?
  5. In ACI mode deployment (Layer2/Layer3 fabric), how many Spine and Leaf Switches can be deployed?
  6. What benefits can be reaped out of Nexus ACI compared to tradition network solution?
  7. What is role of APIC controller in ACI fabric?
  8. Does APIC controller perform data traffic forwarding?
  9. What happens when all APIC controllers in fabric go down?
  10. Can we connect APIC directly with Spine in the ACI fabric as shown in diagram?

  11. Customer has a new server and wants to bundle the ports from 3 Leaf nodes into 1 VPC (VPC 1) .Can the ACI setup support such bundling of ports across multiple Leafs?

  12. Once fabric is up, can endpoints communicate to each other? Why or why not?
  13. What is Bridge domain in Cisco ACI?
  14. How is BD different from VLAN?
  15. What is End Point Group (EPG)?
  16. Explain the term Tenant?
  17. Define the term Contract?
  18. Define the term Taboo Contract?
  19. Can I have same VRF number in different Tenants?
  20. Can an EPG point towards more than one Bride Domain?
  21. Define Application network profile?
  22. An ACI fabric can have how many types of EPGs?
  23. Can an EPG point towards more than one Bride Domain?
  24. Can we apply policies to individual endpoints?
  25. What is concept of micro segmentation in Cisco ACI?
  26. What is need to have more than one Bridge domain in same VRF?
  27. What are 3 default Tenants in Cisco ACI?
  28. Illustrate role of VXLAN in ACI fabric?
  29. What is Private Network? How is it related to VRF?
  30. Explain the term L3 out? Why is it required?
  31. Which routing protocol runs for internal communication between ACI Spine and Leaf?
  32. In ACI Fabric, which node is configured as Route Reflector? Why is there need to configure Route Reflector?
  33. Which Cisco 9K models are used as Spine Nodes in ACI Setup?
  34. Which Cisco 9K models are used as Leaf Nodes in ACI Setup?
  35. Can we connect Layer 3 device to SPINE?
  36. Can we connect Access Layer switches in downlink to Leaf Node?
  37. What is difference between multiport and multisite?
  38. Can the Leaf Uplink ports be used both for Spine Connectivity (Uplink) and end point connectivity (Downlink connections)?
  39. I have Trunk ports configured in one EPG. Can the access ports also be added in same EPG?
  40. I have non-Cisco device (for e.g. Checkpoint) and want to integrate the checkpoint management with Cisco APIC. Can 3rd party management integration be performed with APIC controllers?
  41. What are the options available to manage/configure the APIC controllers?
  42. During initial setup, In case console cable to connect visa Hypertrm is not available, is there any other option available to access the APIC controller?
  43. What are 2 types of tables found on Leaf Nodes?
  44. What is the concept of SHARDS?
  45. What is POD and Multi-Pod?


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