Top 50 Kubernetes Interview Questions

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Kubernetes Interview Questions


Get equipped with the best set of questions asked for Kubernetes Interview:

Q1. Explain the concept of containerization?

Q2. What is Kubernetes?

Q3. What are the main advantages of containerization?


Q4. Each Kubernetes cluster has how many work nodes?

Q5. Why Kubernetes is called K8?

Q6. Explain architecture of Kubernetes.

Q7. List down the difference between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm?

Q8. What are two ways to add Nodes to an API server?

Q9. What is heartbeat?

Q10. How do Pods manage multiple containers in a kubernetes cluster?

Q11. What is an ephemeral container and their use?

Q12. What is downward API and its use?

Q13. What is the use of Daemon sets?

Q14. How does the Kuerbetes cluster ensure traffic is not exposed outside the network in which nodes are running?

Q15. Explain about container runtime interface (CRI).

Q16. What is the relationship between Kubernetes and Docker?

Q17. Explain about Docker swarm?

Q18. Differentiate between deploying applications on hosts and containers.

Q19. Differentiate between application containers and system containers.

Q20. Differentiate between virtual machine and container.

Q21. How does the node work in Kubernetes?

Q22. What information does node status contain?

Q23. What is a Daemonset?

Q24. What command is used to delete Kubernetes pods?

Q25. What is ‘Heapster’?

Q26. What is the namespace in Kubernetes?

Q27. What are the three types of namespaces in Kubernetes cluster?

Q28. What is nodeport in Kubernetes?

Q29. What is cluster IP in Kubernetes?

Q30. Explain about Minikube.

Q31. What is the Kubeadm tool and it is used for what purpose?

Q32. What is the Kubectl create command used for?

Q33. Describe the difference between replica set and replication controllers.

Q34. Explain architecture layers of Kubernetes.

Q35.  Explain Pod in kubernetes context?

Q36. Describe stateful sets?

Q37. Describe Minions?

Q38. What are the different types of volumes available in Kubernetes?

Q39. Describe labels and Annotations in Kubernetes?

Q40. How does the ingress controller work in Kubernetes?

Q41. What is ingress and egress in Kubernetes?

Q42. What operation modes are supported by Kube-proxy?

Q43. Explain the concept of Pod pending in Kubernetes?.

Q44. What could be the possible errors that will prevent Pod from moving into running state due to image issues?

Q45. How to rollback deployment in Kubernetes?

Q46. List down some key features of kubernetes?

Q47. Describe PDB (Pod distribution budget).

Q48. How to ensure Pod runs on a specific node?

Q49. List some tools used for container monitoring.

Q50. List some tools used for container orchestration.


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