BE6K vs BE7K

There is a lot of commotion on comparison of both BE6K and BE7K . Both the platforms are shipped with full array of integrated collaboration applications that come preloaded on a single modular platform. Built on the virtualized Cisco Unified Computing System Cisco UCS platform, the Cisco Business Edition 7000 (BE7000) and Business Edition 6000 (BE6000) is equipped with premium Cisco Collaboration applications for voice, video, mobility, messaging, conferencing, instant messaging and presence, and contact center. On a  high level, we may consider that BE6K is purpose built for companies with 25 to 1000 employees while BE7k is purpose built for companies with 1000 to 5000 employees which may scale to upto 15000 with future expansion.Both the platforms come packaged in different UCS servers – BE6K comes in C220M3 UCS model while BE7K comes in UCS C240 M4.

Below is the comparison chart of both the platforms on how they differ from each other –

Originally new packaged platform for Unified communication
Enhancement of BE6K platform
BE6K is built for companies with 25 to 1000 employees
BE7K for large organization with upto 1500 users with expanding collaboration needs
Built on 3 UCS models –
Built on 3 UCS models –
The chassis is the based on Cisco C220M3 UCS standalone server chassis
Chassis is based on Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack-Mount Server Family
Maximum number of co-resident applications can go upto 9 applications with BE6000H model.
Maximum number of co-resident applications can go upto 10 applications with BE7000H model
Number of devices supported is max upto 2500
No enforcement limit to number of devices supported - stack additional server models to increase whole system capacity



Download the difference table here.


Both BE6K and BE7K platforms host core applications as part of a comprehensive Cisco Collaboration solution. Below are the Foundation Applications –

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service
  • Cisco Unity Connection
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics Business
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment
  • Cisco Licensing


Below is thee list of Additional Collaboration Options available on both BE6K and BE7K –

  • Cisco TelePresence Server
  • Cisco TelePresence Conductor
  • Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
  • Cisco TelePresence Content Server
  • Cisco Expressway
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center
  • Cisco Unified Attendant Consoles
  • Cisco Emergency Responder
  • Cisco Paging Server



Cisco BE7000H and BE7000M Models



Cisco BE6000M and BE6000H Models System Capacity



Cisco BE6000S Model System Capacity


Below DataSheets for BE6K and BE7K on detailed information for the product platform –


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