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Everyone in IT or Tech profession knows the rising popularity and demand for Linux Operating System in the market. In the start, Microsoft windows ruled the desktops and many major enterprises around the world.  And if anyone an alternative then they go for the macOS.

By 2010 this situation changed, after the rapidly increasing popularity of Open Source software.  Here are some best Linux-based Operating Systems you should consider.

  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Red Hat
  • Trusted End Node Security (TENS)
  • SUSE

Why you should adopt Linux OS?

Here are the reasons or advantages of using Linux based Operating system in your organizations –


  • High Security
  • High Stability
  • Ease Maintenance
  • Free and Open Source
  • Easy to use and customization
  • Runs on any hardware

List of best Linux Operating Systems

Lets take a look at some of the best Linux Operating Systems available:


Ubuntu is the first one that comes to mind when you say Linux based operating system. It is very famous among the enterprise which uses Linux Operating System (OS). Ubuntu is a modern open-source OS based on the compressed version of Debian.

It is originally released in three editions desktop, server, and internet core for many robots and AI-based machines. You can use this software development, Data management or to increase the life and functioning of the old Hardware.

It has various Open-Source applications, anti-malware support, and Microsoft compatible office suite. Ubuntu developing team updates it every 6 months and a new version is released every 2 years focusing on the security and Industrial needs.


Linux Mint

In recent days Linux Mint has become the most used Linux Operating System by winning the Ubuntu. Though this is not designed for enterprise development like Ubuntu, it is the easy and newbie-friendly Linux desktop available now.  This was developed based on Ubuntu and Debian.

Due to its user-friendly interface, it becomes the leading Open source OS and direct competition for Windows and macOS.  However, it is recommended for enterprise-level usage as there is no support. So this will be the best choice for organizations that have their internal support or for individuals with good programming knowledge.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

Red Hat has been in use for many years in the open-source market. As its name says, it is the best Linux based OS for enterprise and business applications. It has everything a business needs it has a suite of office applications, integrated email and contact management, etc… You can run Windows or any other legacy apps in the Red Hat.

It is translated 100 languages and more than 500 companies adopted Red Hat as their primary operating system. Its customer support is reviewed high among the IT sectors. It is one of the reliable, fast, and cost-effective Operating systems for large enterprises.


Trusted End Node Security (TENS)

The next one in the list is not the best for enterprise uses and applications but if your goal is a highly secured network then you should go for it.  TENS is a Linux distribution developed by the U.S. Air Force. The choice for applications is less, but the security features are top level.

It is approved by the NSA – National Security Agency and considered as the most secure Open Source OS to store confidential data. There is no need for a hard drive you can boot it on CD or USB. This makes it highly secure.

And there is no subscription or paid maintenance so you are your boss. Though there are low support and user-friendliness it can run the Linux tools like Libre office which functions as like Microsoft office.


SUSE Enterprise

It is also called OpenSUSE for its flexibility and simplicity. It is very easy to install the SUSE and many business people used Linux OS for its flexibility with security. It has both the benefits of Ubuntu and TENS.

The AppArmor feature ensures every application is protected with a firewall, so even the user run malware it cannot affect the other applications or the core of the OS.

There are various versions, like Leap, Tumbleweed, etc… They have the perks like automatic updates, customization, etc… It can also adapt and integrate with Microsoft Active directory and other legacy software.


All the above five Linux Operating are best for now, but it is recommended to go for Ubuntu as it is very user-friendly and secure. It has all the features –

  • user-friendliness of Linux Mint
  • The security of TENS
  • Flexibility of SUSE
  • Reliability & support of Red Hat Enterprise.

If you are looking for an Operating System with a particular feature then you can select them accordingly.

It is said the use of Open source Operating systems like Linux will increase tremendously in the next few years.

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