Building a WebRTC Mobile App like Discord

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WebRTC has been a crucial protocol since its debut, but the Pandemic has made it even more critical. Due to its ability to be integrated into any browser without the need for separate application downloads, WebRTC has emerged as one of the most crucial standards for creating apps that require real-time latency. It is supported by all of the widely used web browsers. Mobile WebRTC apps provide real-time communication solutions.

From practically any endpoint, including phones, websites, automobiles, and even home appliances, this technology enables direct and seamless connection. It is a fantastic video and audio streaming solution, especially for video conferencing, audio alone, and peer-to-peer networking, due to its simplicity and ubiquity potential.

Discord: What Is It and How Does It Operate?

With text, phone, and video messaging capabilities, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application Discord resembles a cross between Reddit and Slack.


Discord’s main advantage is that there are no restrictions on the number of users, and all other limitations are set at levels that make it easy to use. You desire to support 5000 active server connections at once. Easy. Discord will switch your server to a hardware-assisted one for you if you just contact customer care.

Compared to Mumble, where 15 simultaneous users on your server require payment. The popularity of the app is primarily due to the high restrictions. Influencers and employee teams alike are increasingly adopting Discord.

Making a Voice and Text Chat Similar to Discord

Discord was created by WebRTC development company with the use of cutting-edge contemporary technologies. The WebRTC project is one that we’ve already mentioned. But if you want to build a voice chat service like Discord, you’ll need to leverage more technologies.

Tech Stack on the Server

The server component, commonly known as the backend, is the heart of every chat application. The seamless and uninterrupted flow of user communication is guaranteed by a strong backend for mobile apps.

Tech Stack on the Client Side

Every device can be used to access Discord because there are apps available for Windows desktop, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. There is a web version as well. Gamers, who can be found anywhere and on any platform, are the target audience for Discord.

Tech Stack for Creating a Discord-like App

Although it’s customary for clients to choose the tech stack that their development team employs, we advise gaining a basic understanding of what a VoIP tech stack entails. Make sure your development team’s tech stack completely supports the functionality you want to include in your app in this way.

Computer Languages

Software is created by a video streaming app development company using a programming language to communicate with computers. Elixir, Erlang, Rust, and JavaScript are the four programming languages that are used by Discord.

Customer Libraries

A client library gives programmers access to reusable code elements. Some capabilities don’t change when your developers create an app, so they can use pre-defined code from the library rather than developing new code every time they create a program. The client libraries for React and React Native are used by Discord.

NoSQL Datastores and Databases

Your VoIP application will require a method for storing a sizable amount of data across numerous servers, as well as a mechanism to give consumers low-latency operations. Apache Cassandra is a distributed database management system that is open-source and used by Discord.

WebRTC’s Advantages

In the last several years, WebRTC’s popularity for mobile apps and platforms has increased tremendously because of its relative affordability and simplicity of use. Since they seek to improve the speed, dependability, and security of their web products, Meta, Amazon, and Google are among the notable organizations utilizing WebRTC. Hence, to answer the question of who uses WebRTC, it is important to note that these are true IT industry heavyweights.

WebRTC services offer the door to many fantastic prospects because they may be used in a variety of sectors, including telecommunications, events, financial services, hospitals & healthcare, and software, and information technology. The WebRTC API offers a wide variety of statistics that span the sender-to-receiver and peer-to-peer WebRTC connectivity systems.


We sincerely hope that this post has taught you how to create a video chat software similar to Discord. You’ve undoubtedly already understood how important a unique idea can be while developing an application. Furthermore, the audience will be enthusiastic about any novel app development concept because the industry of VoIP applications is still young and developing.

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