Android vs iOS: Comparing the Best Features

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In the contemporary world, our mobile devices have become the epicentre of all the services technologically accessible online.

There are software and apps taking care of the daily aspects of our personal lives, right from calculating the sugar and cholesterol levels in the morning to set up meetings and appointments for the entire day; they have become an inseparable part of our lives.


It is undeniably true that the software and apps are extremely important, but so are the OS platforms that help them to run seamlessly over the mobile devices.


If we talk from the perspective of the most popular devices, then they run over Android and iOS and deliver excellent results. In fact, it’s essential to share that on a very high level, market share of Android in Mobile OS is way high i.e. at 74.2 % compared to iOS which stands at approx. 23%, a third of its competitor.

However, both the flavours of OS have a substantial amount of fan following. If we make the comparison between Android vs iOS, then we would find that there are certain facts and features that distinguish them from one another.

Let us find out what they are-

Android vs iOS: Facts and Features

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The above table highlighted Android vs iOS on the grounds of various features and facts. Both the device functioning platforms are neck to neck with one another and support the third party software to a certain extent. It is fully expected that it would help you out with the next device selection.

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