5 Top Phone Tracking Apps in 2024

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A phone tracking app allows you to keep track of the location of a mobile device. This app is useful if you have misplaced or had your handset stolen, as well as for monitoring the whereabouts of your kids. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 applications and services which can help people keep track of all the activities on their mobile devices and be aware of the locations of their loved ones, employees, and children.

top phone tracking apps

List of Top Phone Tracking Apps


Life360 provides the ability to keep track of your family members’ whereabouts by granting permission to be tracked. It offers the option to monitor the current location of the ones who grant permission for being followed, as it is not legally permissible to track someone without their permission.

Life360 is an extremely well-respected app, having been selected as an Editor’s Choice on Google Play. The free version of the app will suffice for the majority of users. The no-cost application contains lots of functions including


  • documenting the user’s whereabouts,
  • enabling others to look-up their location,
  • sending notifications when they arrive at a certain place
  • store the most commonly visited locations such as house, school, and job
  • provides automated SOS and crash recognition capabilities

However, if you are in need of more sophisticated features such as roadside assistance, unlimited location notifications, identity theft protection, and family safety protection, it would be beneficial to upgrade to the paid membership plan.

FamiSafe Mobile Tracker

Wondershare technology, a prominent application developer, has created FamiSafe, a parental monitoring program. This tracker contains various helpful characteristics so you can monitor and keep track of phones from any place at any moment. You can put it on your phone without having to root or jailbreak it. This application is equipped with essential elements such as

  • The ability to monitor and record movements in real-time.
  • Monitor the amount of time spent on the target device and block applications that have been used for an extended period of time to stop children from becoming addicted to them.
  • It provides content Filtering by blocking unwanted websites using web filter.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS & KindleFire devices.

Find My

Apple has combined the functionality of its earlier Find My iPhone and Find My Friends applications into a single app, which is compatible with iOS 13 and higher. With Find My app, you and your family can easily access each other’s locations. Furthermore, you have the option of configuring location-based notifications, so that you are aware of when your family has arrived safely home. If you no longer wish to share locations, you can easily discontinue the feature at any point.

The app is available on all Apple devices without any cost. Additionally, you can access it through iCloud.com or if you want to use it with Family Sharing. Other people you want to share your location with must also have the app installed.


mSpy is an amazing parental control and mobile tracking app that is compatible with all iOS versions and the large majority of Android devices. Here’s how you can track location using mSPY. It offers multiple cutting-edge features that are not included in other applications, such as the keylogger, website blocking capabilities, and secure data access. This application is equipped with essential elements such as

  • Social media monitoring
  • Remote blocking
  • Screen Recording
  • Recovering deleted messages


Hoverwatch is an effective application that offers a location monitoring service to its users. It tracks the whereabouts of the chosen Android device by utilizing Wi-Fi signals, mobile towers, and GPS. The location details are not transmitted anywhere outside the app, and the app is designed to stay hidden on the targeted device to prevent the user from uninstalling it or turning it off.

Hoverwatch is a hidden monitoring app with a number of features, such as discreetly tracking location, text messages, and call audio. You can access the logged data through an online account.

It is compatible with all three major operating systems, namely Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Final Words

There is a plethora of tracking apps available in the marketplace. Each of them has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Hope this information will be helpful you in choosing the best app as per your requirements.

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