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Checkpoint Firewall Interview Questions


Get equipped with the best set of questions asked for Checkpoint Firewall in an Interview:

  1. What Is Cleanup Rule In Checkpoint Firewall ?
  2. What Is NAT ?
  3. What Are The Two Types Of Check Point Ng Licenses ?
  4. What Is Source NAT ?
  5. Which Of The Applications In Check Point Technology Can Be Used To Configure Security Objects ?
  6. What Is IPSec ?
  7. What Is Destination Nat ?
  8. What Is Explicit Rule In Checkpoint Firewall ?
  9. What Is Smart Dashboard ?
  10. What Is 3 Tier Architecture Component Of Checkpoint Firewall ?
  11. Difference Between Automatic NAT And Manual NAT ?
  12. What Are The Functions Of Cpd, Fwm, And Fwd Processes ?
  13. What Is the main Different Between Cpstop/cpstart And Fwstop/fwstart ?
  14. What Is The Packet Flow Of Checkpoint Firewall ?
  15. What is Stealth Rule in checkpoint firewall ?
  16. What Is SIC ?
  17. What are the major differences between SPLAT and GAIA ?
  18. What is Checkpoint Architecture ?
  19. What is Hide NAT ?
  20. difference between standalone deployment distributed deployment ?
  21. What is Anti-Boat ?
  22. Difference between fwstop and cpstop ?
  23. What is CPinfo? And why it is used ?
  24. What is MDF Database ?
  25. How to configure SMC HA ?
  26. Which protocol use in Checkpoint for Clustering ?
  27. What are Delta and Full Mode in Clustering ?
  28. How to Install Checkpoint Firewall NGX on SecurePlatform ?
  29. What is the Packet Flow of Checkpoint firewall ?
  30. What are major differences between NGFW and NGTP ?
  31. Does Checkpoint NGFW support following Software blades – URL filtering, Antivirus, Anti-spam? If answer is “No”, then which Checkpoint Appliance supports above blades ?
  32. Which Checkpoint NGFW/NFGT Models are used in Data Center environement ?
  33. 40 Gbps (QSFP) support in Checkpoint Security Gateway Appliances starts with which model ?
  34. What is Asymmetric Encryption ?
  35. What is Anti-Spoofing ?
  36. What is VPN ?
  37. What is the difference between standalone deployment distributed deployment ?
  38. Types of NAT in Checkpoint firewall ?
  39. What is use of Database Revision Control ?
  40. Which blade do we investigate when you see high CPU caused by the pdpd process ?
  41. Which command would be best suited for viewing the connections table on a gateway ?
  42. Which command you run to list established VPN tunnels ?
  43. Which command displays compression/decompression statistics ?
  44. Which program you use to analyze Phase I and Phase II packet exchanges ?
  45. Which folder contains the VPN debug files ?
  46. What does a high confidence rating mean in IPS ?
  47. What command you should run to determine if Accept, Drop and NAT templating is enabled ?
  48. What causes the kernel message: kernel: neighbor table overflow ?
  49. How you would determine the value of ‘Maximum concurrent connections’ of the NAT Table ?
  50. What command displays the IPV6 routes ?


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