Cisco vEdge vs cEdge: SD-WAN

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Cisco SD-WAN Network Solutions

Legacy networks are expensive, difficult to maintain, complex and not able to scale up to meet the needs of today’s enterprises. The network solutions like Cisco SDWAN offer software-based solutions which reduces the cost of running enterprise networks and offers solutions to simplify provisioning and management of large and complex networks which are distributed across multiple locations and regions. It is way apart from the older hardware-based model to a secure , software based , virtual IP based fabric. 

Today we look more in detail about Cisco vEdge and cEdge technologies prominent in modern networking, their differences, advantages and so on.

What is Cisco vEdge? 

Cisco vEdge is a software router platform which supports an entire range of features available on vEdge router platforms. vEdge refers to the platforms running Viptela OS. The vEdge router is offered as a virtual machine which is deployed on private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. It is available on all hypervisor platforms.


Cisco vEdge cloud router uses the Intel DPDK infrastructure to get maximum performance. The software is capable of using the AES-NI method for encryption for Intel platforms. Hybrid clouds are the new norm, some enterprise workloads are within boundaries of private data centres while some workloads are hosted in public environments/ cloud. With Cisco SDWAN vEdge, end to end segmentation, zero trust security , application aware quality of service (QoS)  policies can be extended across regions or geographies.

The transport independent characteristic of SDWAN lets us use a variety of connectivity methods in an active – active manner and securely extend SDWAN fabric into the public cloud. Using traffic segmentation policies, we can create multiple VPNs on a single fabric and functionally segregate traffic type between private and public cloud environments.

The vEdge routers sit at the perimeter of a site such as remote offices, branch locations, campuses, data centres and provide connectivity among the sites. Vedge handles transmission of data traffic across sites.  

Features of SDWAN vEdge 

  • Visibility into applications
  • In-depth security analytics and troubleshooting functionality
  • Improved availability with simpler and faster failover 
  • Increased bandwidth at low costs

What is cEdge? 

Cisco SDWAN is based on the Viptela OS architecture from Cisco which was acquired in 2017. Since its acquisition Cisco has added support for ISR, ASR and CSR routers as compatible vEdge devices now known as cEdge. These are perimeter WAN routers which provide connectivity across the SDWAN fabric spread across the data plane. These devices enforce policy and execute intelligent path based forwarding decisions.

cEdge refers to platforms running IOS-XE SDWAN. It offers advanced security features on cisco cEdge devices such as cisco advanced Malware protection , intrusion detection system and intrusion prevention system. Security capabilities are in offering from branch edge to enterprise edge. It is enabled by vManager to provision, troubleshoot, and configuration. 

Features of SDWAN cEdge

  • Provides full featured layer 3 firewall , 7-layer firewall
  • Provides application layer traffic policing and geo-based firewalls features and a content filtering suite 

Comaprison Table: Cisco vEdge vs cEdge

Below table summarizes the difference between the two:


Cisco vEdge

Cisco cEdge

Definition Platforms running Viptela OSPlatforms running IOS-XE SD WAN
PurposeIntroduced by Cisco to assess the increasing workloads in today’s world and to offer safe cloud computing in private and hybrid cloud ambience.Implemented with further advanced features to support ASR, CSR and ISR cisco routers. Working as a compatible edge to support cisco defined software WAN solution
FeaturesAES NI encryption, IP security optimization. Don’t support ASR and ISR seriesCisco AMP and AMP threat grid , URL filtering, snort intrusion prevention systems, embedded platform security etc.

Supports ASR, ISR series

ModelsvEdge 100, vEdge 1000ISR 1000, 4000 series
Ports5 fixed mbps ports (10/100/100) Ethernet (vEdge 100b)Modular architecture and open for third parties
Download the comparison table: vEdge vs cEdge

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