Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes If You Are A SaaS Developer

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Developing software is quite a complex process. It requires multiple teams coming together and each taking on a role that helps put out a program that works and is helpful in solving people’s problems. Since there are so many moving parts, there is a chance of many mistakes being made that derail the project. 

Most of the time the cause of the problems is human error. Other times, software bugs end up causing the program to malfunction and need to be debugged before it will work. Either way, it happens to just about every SaaS project. Knowing what the common mistakes are before developing a SaaS is the best way to make sure your project gets done on time and without going over budget.  In this article, we will go over some of the mistakes to avoid so your project works when you need it to. 

Common Mistakes to be avoided as a SaaS Developer

1 – Not testing enough

Every bit of software code has the potential for errors. Many SaaS developers understand this but don’t run tests until a phase of the project is complete. At this point, it is very difficult to go back and pinpoint exactly what the problem was, so resolving the issue is time-consuming and uses a lot of resources. 


Testing often can identify IT incidents that result in faulty code that causes the program to not work as intended. Continuous testing is essential to make sure that the project has a flow that enables it to be completed on time. Waiting until the end of the test takes up far more time than it is worth. 

Think about how many potential bugs there will be that need fixing if you end up waiting until the very end of the project to do so. It will involve many teams needing to come together to solve these problems.


2 – Not focusing on the UX

Unfortunately, many SaaS developers get so caught up in the code and engineering of the SaaS that they often forget that there will be real people using the software. This means that the User Experience (UX) has to be considered. If using the software is clunky and not intuitive then this will cause people to not want to sign up for the service. 

The UX needs to be easy and enjoyable. There is a lot of competition out there so if the UX is not easy to use then people will simply move to the competition that has things figured out. 

Since a good SaaS is one that solves people’s problems. It makes sense that it shouldn’t cause other problems because it is not intuitive to use. This means that navigating the site or app shouldn’t involve too many steps. A few clicks should be enough to get people to what they are looking for. 


3 – Not enough focus on security

One of the first things that people look for when deciding on a SaaS is that it is secure and will be responsible with their data. If you didn’t take enough time to make sure that security is tight and their data is not vulnerable then this will be a red flag for many users. 

As a SaaS developer, make sure that before the launch you have tested the security to find any bugs and vulnerabilities. Even after the launch security should be a priority so patches should be sent out to subscribers frequently. This is a good way to keep the security as tight as possible while also giving people using the service peace of mind that they are protected even after they’ve been using it for a while. 

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