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In today’s high demanding IT requirement, business needs ask for always-on services and at the same time being low on cost. To improve application and services availability, while reducing total cost of operations, IT must provide disaster recovery and help ensure business continuity.
Cisco DCI (Data Center Interconnect) solutions extend LAN and SAN connectivity across geographically dispersed active data centers. They help organizations provide nonstop access to business applications and information.
Cisco DCI solutions offer a scalable, flexible platform by supporting Application clustering and VM mobility across Data Centers. They offer flexible connectivity options for LAN and SAN extension across multitude of Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP technologies. Additionally they provide –
• Transparency to WAN network architecture and support for multiple Data center architectures.
• Almost seamless LAN and SAN extension
• Resilient architecture to protect against individual Data Center failures
• SAN write acceleration and compression to increase replication options

Cisco Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions can help organization meet key business objectives –
• Reduce the business impact of disaster and help ensure business continuity
• Improve productivity through enhanced application and data availability
• Meet corporate and regulatory compliance needs and improve data security

Cisco DCI solution has four main components –
1. LAN Extensions – Stretching the Layer 2 or Layer 3 network between Data Centers. This includes various technologies like Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), MPLS, VPLS and native Ethernet extensions.
2. Storage Extensions – Extending Storage protocols (FC, NFS, iSCSI, etc.) between Data Centers. This includes the Cisco MDS Storage Networking Solution. Additionally, it includes our strategic partners like EMC using their VPLEX technology, and NetApp using their FlexCache technology to provide seamless data availability across data centers. We expect the storage extensions to continue to play a critical role in DCI and will continue leveraging our partners leading edge developments.
3. Virtualization – Integrating virtualized servers and applications into the Data Center design. For example, Cisco has the Nexus 1000v for a virtualized networking layer and we work with our strategic partners like VMWare ESX hosts for the hypervisor layer.
4. Routing Optimizations – Ensuring efficient and optimized traffic forwarding to active physical and virtual machines. This includes the latest technologies like LISP (Locator/Separator Identification Protocol), and some of Cisco’s existing routing and forwarding technologies using Cisco ACE (Application Control Engine), or the GSS (Global Site Selector) technology.
A loop-free LAN extension stretching across the data center WAN is a crucial part of
Cisco DCI solutions.
Cisco offers a range of multisite DCI solutions for redundant, scalable, and secure LAN
extension across WAN networks based on dark fiber, Multiprotocol Label Switching
(MPLS), and IP technologies as shown in below table –



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