DNS “A” Record

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In DNSA Record” refers to an address records and it is the type of syntax which is used in DNS records. A record specifies the real IP address of the domain for which entry is defined in the DNS server.DNS “A” Record is usually required in order to access or associate a domain name with an IP address, and can be in the form of many host name or sub domains.

Let’s take an example where a user wants to browse www.ipwithease.com which redirects to the Provider DNS server (also called Resolver Address) .If provider DNS doesn’t hold the A record entry then, request is forwarded to root server from where request is moved to TLD Server. The TLD server manager address information for top level domains like .com, .net and .org etc.TLD directs the request to Authoritative name server for ipwithease.com. The authoritative name server contains the A records and responds to client with the IP address of www.ipwithease.com. Imperative to share that once resolver (Provider DNS) receives this information, it caches entry and responds with IP address of IPWITHEASE.COM is subsequent requests.

Similar to “A Records”, there are other records are also required in DNS. Those are CNAME, MX, PTR, NS, SOA, SRV and TXT records.Notable is that “AAAA” record is used for mapped domain name or FQDN name with IPV6 address.


Declaring the “A” records with domain name example –

If we have a domain name with www.ipwithease.com Or mail.ipwithease.com  or ftp.ipwithease.com  in that case “www”, “mail”, and “ntp”  are specified  “A” records.


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