How to Promote your Newly Built Mobile App?

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The process of developing an application for a mobile app is not easy. It entails picking the appropriate platforms, setting the front end of the mobile app, publishing, testing, distribution, support, and management. Thorough knowledge of the market and the expectations of the intended audience is necessary to create a distinctive and effective mobile app. 

Once an app has been developed, it is essential to understand how well it works, and application security testing is critical both during and after the development stage of an app. It will aid in the functionality of many features. Moderator options, embedded media previews, access to multiple accounts, filters, spoiler alert support, and personalization features are all tested in apps. 

The system design of the app is a component of the ongoing procedures. Still, suppose you want your newly developed mobile app advertisement to be successful, a well defined mobile app launch strategy is a must.


Promote your Newly Built Mobile App

Ways to Promote Your New Mobile App

You’ve completed the creation of your mobile application, and you’re now gearing up to launch it. However, if you don’t have a marketing plan, you could lose your investments in designing, developing, and testing your application without an aggressive, well-coordinated marketing strategy. 

To assist, we’ve put together a list of strategies to market a new or recently updated mobile.

Promote on Social Media Platforms like Facebook

In that case, you must use Facebook Ads Benchmarks which can help you find opportunities to improve your ad campaigns and get information about current best practices. Promoting it organically for a simple presence or paid click-through rates (CTR) will probably get you to the top. Below are the things you need to do: 

  •     Add a social networking link to your landing page.
  •     Share your press release as soon as it is published.
  •     Use positive user or third-party review site comments (with permission, of course) and acknowledge any     compliments your app earns.
  •     Provide an image of your app’s interface in your profile and cover photographs.
  •     Make captivating, sponsored social ads.
  •     Facebook provides app install advertisements that direct visitors to their app store.
  •     Offer early access to the app before it launches.
  •     Share screenshots after the launch to give potential users an indication of what to expect. 

Advertising through a Website

It is critical for all products. Nowadays, competition is increasing, and if your campaign is visible on websites, it will undoubtedly reach thousands of people. How should it be done?

  •     Build a landing page to showcase your app’s features, special skills, images, and videos.
  •     Include downloadable links for the app from each of the app stores.
  •     Create a blog article describing the distinctive characteristics of your app.
  •     For your mobile website, create a pop-up urging customers to switch to the app experience.

Publish a Press Release

When you publish a press release, your app will officially launch. Here are some of the benefits of using a press release:

  •     Describe the actual merit of your app
  •     Add videos and screenshots.
  •     Edit and share customer reviews.
  •     Include a brief business overview and a link to your website.
  •     Get ready for the accompanying email.
  •     Invite the local media and tech influencers to a launch party. 

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is the mobile app industry’s SEO. In a competitive market, high availability is essential. You will benefit from the following;

  •     Your app must be recognizable for it to be easily found by viewers.
  •    Use appropriate keywords in your article, but stay away from “keyword stuffing.” 

Celebrity Endorsement/Influencer

Since celebrities or social media influencers have many followers, they can attract viewers. You can approach them and persuade them to download your mobile app, or if it’s a game app, they can suggest it to their audience. 

Promote in Email Newsletter

  •     Make a list of contacts and send an email letting people know your app is now available.
  •     Include an advertisement for your app in each email template.
  •     Give subscribers discounts or in-app coupons.


Businesses and entrepreneurs conducting online sales of goods or services should consider investing in mobile apps to expand their customer reach because of continuous change that is causing distress among market industry sectors, including e-commerce, gaming, sports, finance, food, travel, and telecommunications. It also improves customer service or fosters greater loyalty. 

It may take a lot of work, but promoting a mobile app is well worth it. You can use the above mentioned strategies to promote your newly developed mobile app to the next level. An excellent app and an organized sales strategy are all that is needed.

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