Introduction to 400 GE technology (QSFP-DD)

Rashmi Bhardwaj | Blog,BUZZ

Until recently, IT world was working on 10G, 40G and 100G connections and catering to increasing traffic across IT ecosystem. Infact now the talk has gone past Gigabit and Terabits, the leaders in Networking are talking about Zettabytes of traffic. With forecast of IPv4/IPv6 communication to grow logarithmically, underlying Infrastructure providers have started pushing for higher bandwidth connectivity solutions. Especially is the need to have 400 GE capable devices/optics.

QSFP-DD (Quad Small Form Factor – Double Density) modules as the ideal connectivity choice when it comes to next-generation cloud and other hyperscale data centres. The term “Double-Density” refers to the doubling of the number of high-speed electrical interfaces that the module supports compared to the regular QSFP28 module.

QSFP is the predecessor of QSFP-DD where QSFP-DD inherits the same module as former but with an eight-lane electrical interface. Each lane of QSFP-DD achieves upto 50Gbps data rate.QSFP-DD is capable of backward compatible to QSFP+, QSFP28 and even QSFP56. Infact, a wide range of currently available QSFP modules can be plugged without need to have separate hardware devices.


We may conclude that QSFP-DD has been introduced considering market needs, improved system designs and future trends across IP network.QSFP-DD is de-facto the solution which is there to stay for atleast a decade.


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