ITSM: Benefits And Capabilities For Business Needs

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Introduction to ITSM

In the past, it was more difficult for IT departments to offer effective services to their organizations, standardize processes, streamline communication or even resolve issues effectively and timely, what is generally called “good customer service.” However, many IT departments have progressed especially in the way they offer services to the organization.

ITSM is therefore a new way through which IT organizations provide support and services. It is the short form for IT Service Management. But what is IT service management? ITSM is defines as “The implementation and management of quality IT services that meet the needs of the business. ITSM is performed by IT service providers through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.”

In fact, the general idea of ITSM system refers to the management of IT as a set of services. IT experts should therefore ensure their objectives and strategic objectives of the company are aligned together. And that they are working towards the delivery of high-value services to their customers.


The term has therefore been commonly used in the past to refer to how technology is managed, but presently refers to how IT delivers quality services to customers.  In this article, we look at the benefits and capabilities of ITSM for business needs.

Benefits And Capabilities Of ITSM For Business Needs

Some of the key benefits for all types of businesses using IT service management are discussed below.

Business Efficiency

ITSM components helps businesses to maximize resource use. One of the most important components is IT asset management. It helps organizations to optimize the life cycle management of their IT assets. Besides, it helps with cost-effective asset procurement and disposition.

Operational Costs

Generally, over 60% of organizational spending goes to IT operations and infrastructure including staffing. As organizations grow, they need more and more IT infrastructure and operations. Organizations that adopt ITSM can easily scale operations without requiring to hire more staff. This is because ITSM automation features greatly reduces manual workload for IT operators.

Risk-Free Implementation Of IT Changes

Implementing a change within an organization may be a strategy to improve operations and even ROI. However, sudden changes may negatively affect a business system as the time required to adjust to the changes may be longer than expected.

It is therefore true that when changes are not correctly planned, tested, and communicated, the organization faces risks that are more likely to interrupt service delivery. ITSM helps businesses to create a change management system for a risk-free transition in the organization.

Improve Accountability

IT service management enables IT managers to monitor actions of operators and how service requests are addressed. The increased visibility therefore enhances accountability. Besides, it enhances standardization of operations and service delivery together with compliance with procedures and policies.

Improve Access And Communication Channels

Adopting ITSM helps organizations by improving access to support, IT operators and even improves communication between the business and IT organizations. By creating an IT service desk, services such as request fulfillment, incident management among many more are supported. IT service management improves access to IT support by developing appropriate channels within the IT organization.

Reduces Unnecessary Workload

Manual labor increases chances of human error and makes the work more difficult. However, IT organizations use automation components of IT service management to improve services and reduce unnecessary workloads.

Saves Time And Money

IT organizations use ITSM to streamline information sharing, automate services. As a result, services and activities are executed within the shortest time possible. Besides, the cost of business operations is greatly reduced.

In addition, by reducing workload, IT service management helps organizations to reduce staffing and cut down staffing costs. As a result, these organizations save money and increase their general return on IT investments.

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