Spyine Review: The Best GPS Location Tracking App

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GPS location tracking becomes useful with the emergence of phones. The brighter side is that you don’t need to depend on the complicated systems that law enforcers and other tracking firms offer.

Now, it’s possible to track any phone using the GPS via your phone. All you need is better research on the best application and an enabled device you can use. Simplicity is also extending to how you set up and use the GPS location tracker.

We looked at one of the best apps to show you what you can get when you think about tracking phone location. Here is a review of how it works and the pace it has set for modern-day tracking purposes.


Spyine GPS Location Tracking App

Spyine is an app that has contributed a lot to how we view tracking nowadays, among other monitoring services. In general, it’s an app with more than 30 features – all meant to track a phone’s activities.

The location tracker is one of them, and that is what we will be discussing in this blog. Spyine can track a phone in real-time and also show you all the other past locations. It can use the phone’s GPS or the connected Wi-Fi.

That presents you with more ways to locate the phone, especially if the targeted phone has the GPS turned off. Getting such capability is okay, but how do you achieve it?

Spyine’s Simple Installation and Usage

First, it’s good to note that you will be dealing with a cross-platform application. Therefore, if you are chasing an Android or iOS device, it’s all sorted out for you. Spyine works with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later, where no phone compromising techniques occur.

So, don’t expect any rooting or jailbreaking to take place before the setup. In Android, there will be a one-time installation on the targeted phone. If you are dealing with iOS, then everything will happen online using the iCloud credentials only.

Regardless of the setup process, Spyine has only one way to show you the location information. That’s via the online dashboard in your account. You can use it to view using any internet-enabled device, thanks to the panel’s compatibility with all browsers.

Once you log into your account, these are the features that will help you in tracking:


This is the feature that uses both GPS and Wi-Fi to locate the phone in real-time. It will also use the same to tell you where else the phone was. Addresses, coordinates, and timestamps also back up the past locations.

There is also a Google map link against each address you can use to follow up.


Do you want to know when the phone goes or leaves certain places? That’s where you need the Geofencing feature. What you do is place the perimeters on the map and an email to notify you when the line is crossed. After that, you leave it all to Spyine.  

You can also get the SIM Card location using Spyine. This specification tells you everything about the SIM Card and where it is too. It will also notify you if there is a SIM swap on the phone and continue to track the new SIM Card.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Spyine GPS Tracker?

Once you purchase the Spyine app, you get it as a whole package. There will be other things to track, too, such as calls, SMSs, browsing history, photos, videos, and more. There will be more than 30 features to benefit from, and they will all be functional.

Apart from that, it also hides while in operation. We call that the stealth mode feature. If you don’t want your target to know, your intentions will remain unknown. In iOS, you achieve this through the remote setup process.

For Android, you need to activate the mode during installation. Later, the icon will disappear, but the app will be in the background. The tracking will be happening online, and there is a need for protection as you do so.

Spyine will protect both you and the target by syncing with the phone when you access your account. That is how it avoids storing the information, which successful hackers can later retrieve.

In case of an attack, Spyine’s cloud will not show anything.

Where Can You Apply the Spyine GPS Tracker?

Tracking via your phone has a variety of uses. It’s, however, better to explain so that you can know the proper uses of a tracker. While you can use it to track any phone, there are restrictions. Here are some of the examples where Spyine can prove to be useful:

Child Monitoring

As a parent, you want to know where your child is at all times. When you are not around, they have a phone that you can trace to know their whereabouts. Spyine will show you where the phone is at all times. Geofencing will also tell if the kid is visiting unwanted places.

Spouse Tracking

Relationships are built on trust, but we can leave that to our grandmothers. If you notice something fishy going on with your partner, tracking can tell you where they go. The good part is that Spyine has other features that will also tell you about your spouse’s phone activities.

Employee Tracking

Companies that involve the movement of employees need to know where they are at all times. It’s essential to provide consent before tracking. On the other hand, apps like Spyine help ensure that the employees are productive and where they should be.


If you have the best GPS location tracking app, you have the guarantee of unlimited results regardless of where you are. Spyine achieves that by using the internet to reveal the results to you in real-time.

There is a simple setup process to follow, and you can use it for other purposes too. Once you acquire it, everything else will be happening remotely, and that includes uninstallation. 

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