Top 100+ Alibaba Cloud Interview Questions 2024

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Alibaba Cloud Interview Questions


Get equipped with the best set of questions asked for Alibaba Cloud Interview:

  1. Can 2 VMs within same region (different zones) communicate to each other over private network? Does the same hold true for 2 VMs in different regions?
  2. You are planning to setup an ECS instance for Web application. Which instance type is most suitable for this requirement?
  3. How many maximum vSwitches can be there in a VPC?
  4. How many cloud product instances can be run in one VPC?
  5. There is a requirement to have 2 availability Zones for an application in a VPC in order to provide High availability. Can we stretch the same vSwitch for both “Availability Zone 1” & “Availability Zone 2”?
  6. Which private CIDR blocks are available in Alicloud?
  7. What is difference between Classic network and VPC?
  8. What type (inbound or outbound direction) of Internet Bandwidth does Alibaba Cloud charge for?
  9. What is the charge type for ECS to ECS communication inside Alibaba Cl0ud?
  10. What types of Public IP addresses are required to access Internet in Alibaba Cloud?
  11. Under Billing method, we want to use “Pay-By-Traffic”, however concern is about unexpected traffic burst, which may drastically increase the charges. Can something be done to address this situation?
  12. What can be the reason if the billing method cannot be changed from subscription to pay-as-you-go?
  13. Which function is responsible for communication between VPC network and Classic network resources?
  14. The weight value for an ECS instance was configured zero. What could e the probable reason for this change?
  15. Is there any impact to health checks if the weight of an ECS instance is zero?
  16. What should be key considerations while creating a bucket name in OSS console?
  17. Describe ZRS?
  18. Enlist the differences between ZRS and LRS?
  19. What is the benefit of versioning in Bucket?
  20. What are 2 key monitoring metrics in Auto scaling?
  21. Describe Cloud Disk?
  22. What are different categories of cloud disks?
  23. What is a snapshot? What are its types?
  24. In which scenarios is Snapshot helpful?
  25. What are components of ECS?
  26. What is DDH?
  27. Can a region be changed once a resource is created in it?
  28. Is ECS IAAS service or SAAS?
  29. What is Apsara?
  30. How many regions are presently there?
  31. Can 2 zones in different regions communicate to each other through Intranet connectivity?
  32. What is the name of Alicloud storage platform?
  33. In event when one physical server goes down, how much time does it take to move instances from one Server to another within same Zone?
  34. What are the modes of purchasing ECS instances?
  35. A new user wants to setup application for long term use. Which billing method would you recommend to the customer
  36. What types of cloud disks are available in Alibaba Cloud?
  37. Can Cloud disk be mounted on 2 instances in same zone at a time?
  38. Cite one example where Ultra disk is preferred for usage?
  39. What is the limit of – i)Automatic Snapshot in each region  ii)Snapshot for each disk
  40. What are the different type of images in Alibaba Cloud?
  41. What is vSwitch? What are the maximum vSwitches one can have in each VPC?
  42. What is the limit of number of security groups for each instance?
  43. A web server instance is setup which functions on HTTP protocol. What type of simplest security group configuration should make access to this new web server from Internet?
  44. Which Security group has the lowest priority?
  45. Out of below types of User Data, which can be used for (1) Windows instance (2) Linux instance – Batch script (2) PowerShell Script (3) Standard User Data
  46. Cloud administrator wants to delete a snapshot related to an image file, however can’t perform the deletion. Why?
  47. What is benefit of ECS compared to traditional server?
  48. Can I add a disk from an instance in Zone A to an instance in Zone B?
  49. What is the simplest way to recover data that was mistakenly deleted?
  50. How can I view whether the snapshot I issued for an instance is complete or not?
  51. What is the mechanism to monitor running status of CPU, memory, disk and network? Is it chargeable?
  52. Can I download or export ECS instance snapshots to a local device?
  53. What is RDS?
  54. What is the maximum limit of managed storage w.r.t IOPS?
  55. What are Billing methods of ApsaraDB for RDS?
  56. What are primary and secondaryRDS instances?
  57. Out of ECS and RDS, which is IaaS and PaaS?
  58. Is OSS IaaS and PaaS?
  59. Enlist the various flavors/editions of RDS?
  60. Does Alibaba cloud RDS support Oracle Databases in Alibaba Cloud?
  61. Is there any cost associated with RDS instance backup?
  62. Enlist some of characteristics of temporary instance?
  63. On what metric items does Cloud monitor display RDS status?
  64. What are the options for connectivity between VPCs across regions?
  65. What is Express Connect?
  66. What security defense system does RDS provide?
  67. What are the 2 roles of router interfaces when they are connected?
  68. What is a physical connection?
  69. What are the maximum number of leased lines which can be provisioned under Redundant Leased line access for ECMP?
  70. Which function is required in a VPN Gateway for Remote branch site to communicate with another remote branch site connected to same VPN gateway?
  71. What is difference between Default VPC and Default vSwitch?
  72. Name 4 products that can be used to connect a VPC to public network?
  73. Name Alibaba products that are used to connect a VPC to another VPC?
  74. Name Alibaba products that are used to connect a VPC to an on premise Data Center?
  75. What is the simplest way to migrate local database to apsaraDB?
  76. What are the modes of migration available with DTS Service?
  77. Can ECS instances access the Internet (SNAT) through SLB?
  78. What is the difference between ipv4 addressing and ipv6 addressing w.r.t VPCs?
  79. How many Route tables can vSwitch be associated to?
  80. What is benefit of temporary instance in Alibaba RDS?
  81. What is benefit of RDS Read-Only instance? Which scenarios is it used in?
  82. Can I switch between subscription billing and pay-as-you-go billing?
  83. What is OSS? What are its benefits compared to traditional storage?
  84. What is service availability provided by OSS?
  85. What is a key w.r.t OSS?
  86. What are 3 key items in Object?
  87. As a new Alibaba user, I want to create a new OSS Bucket in console. However, I am unable to find OSS Bucket option under “Base Services”. What could be the issue?
  88. What are the different types of storage class options available while creating a bucket in OSS?
  89. What is the file size limitation in a bucket?
  90. What is Anti-Leech?
  91. What is SLB? What are its benefits?
  92. What are the components of SLB?
  93. What is the name of service in Alibaba SLB to protect against DDOS?
  94. While configuring an SLB instance what is the limit to the maximum number of – i)Listeners ii)Backend servers
  95. What is difference between Layer4 SLB and Layer7 SLB?
  96. Upto how much throughout is supported by SLB DDOS protection service (Anti-DDOS basics?
  97. Should a new user use “Pay as you go” of “subscription plan” while setting up Public Network SLB of Alibaba?
  98. What are the payment options associated with private SLB of Alibaba?
  99. What are the key scheduling algorithms supported by Listeners in SLB?
  100. Can we use same SLB instance for load balancing traffic for ECS instance spread across 2 zones which are supporting same application?
  101. Can we use same SLB instance for load balancing traffic for ECS instance spread across 2 Regions which are supporting same application?
  102. What is Auto scaling?
  103. What are different scaling modes under Auto Scaling?
  104. An administrator working on Alibaba Cloud Auto scaling, accidentally deletes acaling Group for an application. What all parameters of auto scaling will be affected due to this change?
  105. How many concurrent scaling activities can be executed by a scaling group?
  106. What all parameters will be deleted when we delete a scaling group?
  107. What happens when there is an alarm task with same name as existing task?
  108. What is the name of Alibaba Unified management system responsible for recognizing, assesing and providing alerts for security threats?
  109. What are some of common DDOS Attacks?
  110. What are the key differences between Anti-DDOS basics and Anti-DDOS Pro & Premium?
  111. What is the Alibaba solution to protect against HTTP and HTTPS attacks?
  112. What are the functions of WAF service?
  113. A user does not require an ECS instance anymore and hence “Stops” the instance. Is there any suggestion you as an Alibaba Cloud professional would like to give him?
  114. What is Security Center? Describe its editions?
  115. What is a vRouter? How many vRouters are there in a VPC?
  116. Which are all ACLs types in Bucket level Access control?
  117. What is Triplicate storage technology?
  118. Which Alibaba product should be used for setting up a static website and being very conscious of associated cost?
  119. What is ActionTrail? What are its benefits?
  120. What is TDE encryption?
  121. In Auto Scaling, do both automatic and manually executed scaling rules need to wait for the cooldown time to expire in order to trigger scaling activities?
  122. What is IMG?
  123. You can use ECS to access other Alibaba Cloud services over the internal network, reducing traffic costs. In order to use Alibaba Cloud services along with ECS should they must be in? – i)same region ii)same zone iii)Anywhere in Alibaba Cloud
  124. What is an Object Meta?
  125. Are security groups stateful or stateless?


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