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  1. Name the feature offered by a Cisco Firewall to shield the network against TCP Syn Flood Attacks.
  2. Name the feature on a firewall that can be used to block a website or a specific URL.
  3. Name a security solution that can be configured to assign User Based Authentication to the users on a LAN Network.
  4. There is a requirement to setup virtual private network (VPN) for remote users. Following are the key objectives –
    • Users in roaming across other customer locations require this service
    • The VPN gateway should require the use of Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).
    • All remote users must use IPSec to connect to the VPN gateway.

    Which IPSec mode should you use?

  5. Name the command used to determine connectivity between client and server.
  6. What do you understand by default time-frame of Ping Timeout on Windows system?
  7. How is the traceroute function different on Linux/Unix and on Windows?
  8. What do you understand by ‘nslookup’ function tool?
  9. What will you do in a situation where WAN Link of the Router goes down?
  10. Please explain what so you understand by the term BGP?
  11. How do you plan to resolve a BGP neighbour issue when “hold time expired” notification is displayed?
  12. As NOC analyst, how can one access a layer 2 switch right from a remote location?
  13. What is the implication of variable IP-OSPF-Transmit-Delay?
  14. Define what do you understand by TCP/IP?
  15. What do you understand by the term VLAN?
  16. Define the term ‘Proxy’.
  17. Suppose a host computer fails to reach over a local network with the host name but successfully reach it by an IP address, where do you think the problem persists?
  18. What do you understand by the term DNS?
  19. What do you understand by the term ‘Network Switch’?
  20. As NOC monitoring and analyst, how would you track the up time in Cisco router/switch?
  21. What do you understand by default gateway IP?
  22. What do you understand by the term ‘Trunking’?
  23. Which are the 3 key layers of fiber optic?
  24. What do you know about EIGRP Convergence Time?
  25. How can we verify the delay and routing of packets between the two locations?
  26. How can you determine which PC and what Port number is it connected to a network switch?
  27. Suppose the WAN link of a router goes down, and you are not receiving any notification or alert regarding the same. What could be the problem behind it?
  28. One of the ports in 8 port EtherChannel goes down. What will happen?
  29. How can you troubleshoot the problem of a high CPU utilization existing in a router?
  30. Is attaining CRC errors over MPLS WAN Links a routine thing?
  31. Define Route Poisoning.
  32. Please define the steps of a 3 Way Handshake.
  33. Define WHOIS command and its usage.
  34. What is the key utilization of Nbtstat command?
  35. What do you understand by the log message- “%OSPF-5-NBRSTATE: ospf-1 [5330] Process 1, Nbr on Vlan44 from FULL to EXSTART, BADSEQNUM OSPF” ?
  36. What is required to be done, if my BGP neighbour is in active state or stuck in idle?
  37. In order to make decisions, which of the fields in a packet does a Network Layer Firewall refer to?
  38. Name the main field within an IP Header modified by NAT Firewall using NAT overload.
  39. What is the process of performing Password Recovery within a Switch?
  40. In which layer of the OSI model, a gateway functions?
  41. How many layers are present in the OSI reference model? Also mention the names.
  42. What is the difference between the terms ‘forward lookup’ and ‘reverse lookup’ within DNS?
  43. What do you understand by the term ‘cross cable’?
  44. What is the meaning of MTTR and MTBF?
  45. What do you understand by the term ‘backbone network’?
  46. Define a router and its basic roles?
  47. Mention the criteria meant for best path selection in a router?
  48. What do you understand by the term ‘anonymous FTP’?
  49. How would you differentiate ‘standard’ and ‘extended’ ACL (access control list) from one another?
  50. What do you understand by NIC?

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