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  1. Define what is Active Directory?
  2. Which access protocol is primarily used in Active Directory?
  3. What is RODC?
  4. What is Active Directory Recycle Bin?
  5. What is the group nesting?
  6. What is the difference between local, global and universal groups?
  7. What is Kerberos and how is it used in Active Directory?
  8. What are the Active Directory Partitions?
  9. Explain the garbage collection?
  10. What is SYSVOL folder used for?
  11. Define the Active Directory Restore types?
  12. What are stale objects in Active Directory?
  13. What is the purpose of replication in Active Directory and what is the difference between Intersite and Intrasite replication?
  14. Explain selective authentication?
  15. What is ADMT and why is it used for?
  16. Explain Global Catalog?
  17. Would you place Global Catalog and Infrastructure Master role in same Domain Controller? Why?
  18. Is it possible to configure more than one RID master in a domain? Why?
  19. What is the NETDOM command-line tool used for?
  20. What will be the impact on the environment if Domain Controller with PDC Emulator crashes?
  21. Explain Active Directory Schema?
  22. Explain the order of GPO as it applied?
  23. You need to add a new object attribute to the user object. How do you achieve it?
  24. When is it necessary to authorize DHCP Servers in Active Directory?
  25. Explain Group Policy Objects (GPOs)? What are the advantages of implementing GPOs?
  26. Explain Forests, Trees and Domains in Active Directory?
  27. What are the advantages of using an Active Directory-integrated zone?
  28. How do you find all the Global Catalogs in the forest?
  29. How do you view all Active Directory commands in PowerShell?
  30. Write PowerShell command that show all disabled User Accounts?

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Active Directory Interview Q&A