1. Which command is used to verify Router uptime ?
  2. What is Routing table ?
  3. Which layer does a Router function in terms of OSI Model ?
  4. What is user mode in Router ?
  5. What is privilege Mode in Router ?
  6. How do we configure a Cisco router to route IPX ?
  7. What are ways to remotely configure a router ?
  8. What does the show protocol display ?
  9. What do we mean by packets ?
  10. While configuring a router, what command must be used if you want to delete the configuration data that is stored in the NVRAM ?
  11. What is Post to Post Links II error: Unrecognized type: ”slug”?
  12. When does a Cisco router generate a source quench ?
  13. What are the different memories used in a CISCO router ?
  14. What is difference between Router and Switch ?
  15. What is difference between Router and Layer 3 Switch ?
  16. What is significance of clock rate do ?
  17. What command do we give if router IOS is stuck ?
  18. I want terminate WAN link on Ethernet handoff upto 50 Mbps on a cisco Router . Which cisco Router model should be used ?
  19. Does Cisco ISR Series Router support IPsec VPN ?
  20. Can Cisco 1941 Router integrated interfaces be configured to work in layer 2 mode and both interfaces extending broadcast to each other ?
  21. What is Convergence Time ?
  22. What will be the difference between below 2 configured commands on Cisco Router –
    1. IP Routing
    2. IP Default-gateway x.x.x.x
  23. Which are the encapsulation options on Serial port of a Router ?
  24. What is the size of IP address ?
  25. Can Router be configured as DHCP Server ?
  26. What are the advantages of Static Routing ?
  27. What are the disadvantages of Static Routing ?
  28. How to reset or change enable password of Cisco Router ?
  29. What is difference between “enable password” and “enable secret” ?
  30. What are the different types of ports of a Router ?
  31. What should be the value of “Config Register” for Bootstrap to load IOS from FLASH ?
  32. What are the different modes in Router ?
  33. What is the command to enter PRIVILEGE mode from USER mode ?
  34. What is the command to backup running configuration to TFTP server and in which mode it is done ?
  35. What is the command to Reboot a Router? How to Schedule a Reload ?
  36. When configuring OSPF on a router what factor must be considered in determining the OSPF router ID ?
  37. What is the command to upgrade IOS from a TFTP server ?
  38. What is the Syntax for Static Route ?
  39. What could be possible locations of IOS image ?
  40. What is the Command to see Cisco device neighbors ?
  41. What is Null Interface ?
  42. What is BVI ?
  43. What is ROMMON ?
  44. What are AD and Metrics of different Routing Protocols ?
  45. What is MTU ? Can we change MTU parameters on Router ?
  46. What are the sub modes of Global configuration mode ?
  47. What does Bandwidth ,Delay ,Load and Reliability mean in terms of Cisco Router ?
  48. Which commands displays Layer 1 errors on Router interface ?
  49. What is source route ?
  50. What is Brouter ?


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