Top 50 CCNP VOICE Interview Questions

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  1. Describe DID?
  2. What does the + symbol refer to in E.164?
  3. What is a requirement for performing NAT for Cisco IP phones between different sites through the internet?
  4. What is E.164?
  5. What does TEHO stand for? Elaborate.
  6. What is the benefit of toll bypass?
  7. What is need of QoS as a solution for multisite environments?
  8. How WAN bandwidth can be reserved when discussing bandwidth solutions in a multisite deployment?
  9. What is AAR?
  10. Which Cisco IOS feature provides a signaling and media proxy function that addresses the need for NAT?
  11. Name one similarity and one difference between flow-around and flow-through modes for CUBE?
  12. What is the use of max-dn command in below configuration snippet?
  13. Which 2 protocol conversions are supported by CUBE?
  14. Describe MGCP fallback in one sentence?
  15. What is not configured in IOS when you configure an H.323 PSTN gateway?
  16. Which two types of trunks are configured directly with the IP address CUCM in another CUCM cluster?
  17. What do you need to specify at the gatekeeper configuration page when adding a gatekeeper to CUCM?
  18. What happens in terms of resources when IP Phone A requests for call setup to IP Phone B in below figure?
  19. What is the key reason to implement a gatekeeper in a multisite implementation?
  20. When implementing TEHO for national calls and using the local PSTN gateway as a backup, how many route patters are required for a cluster with three sites located in different area codes?
  21. Mention two ways in which the PSTN egress gateway can be selected?
  22. Where can digit manipulation be performed when digit manipulation requirements vary for the on and off-net paths?
  23. How many directory URIs can be assigned or associated to a directory number?
  24. Which SIP header identity attribute identifies the associated directory number in blended address dialing?
  25. Which SIP profile attribute determines if CUCM will evaluate the dialed URI as a numeric versus non-numeric SIP URI?
  26. What is the usage of SRST?
  27. What is the default fallback application in Cisco IOS routers?
  28. Cisco Unified CME can support which three type of endpoints?
  29. How many instances of SRST can be defined in a device pool on CUCM?
  30. Name three examples of bandwidth conservation mechanisms?
  31. How can a Cisco Collaboration solution administrator ensure that remote sites use local conference resources before failing over to a campus site?
  32. Which form of CAC leverages the Location Bandwidth Manager (LBM) service of CUCM?
  33. Will an AAR solution help if a WAN link is down?
  34. Which protocol(s) does the RSVP IOS RSVP agent uses to communicate with CUCM?
  35. Which setting is not modified for a laptop with IP Communicator when a user roams between sites when device mobility is enabled?
  36. What is the correct configuration relationship between device pools and device mobility in CUCM?
  37. Which two settings cannot be updated when you use extension mobility?
  38. What is indicated as the calling number for a call placed from a remote destination to an internal directory number?
  39. What configuration element is not used to implement Cisco Unified Mobility?
  40. Cisco VCS-C paired with Cisco VCS Expressway provides which three core features to externally connected endpoints?
  41. Which Cisco Edge solution provides business-to-consumer capabilities?
  42. Which two appliance models in which Cisco VCS and Expressway may be installed?
  43. What is the maximum number of servers that can belong to a VCS or Expressway Cluster?
  44. To successfully cluster VCS or Cisco Expressway, which mode must be enabled?
  45. Which three ways can a user be authenticated inside Cisco VCS-C?
  46. Which two protocols must be configured and activated on the Cisco VCS-C to allow device registrations?
  47. Following figure illustrates which example?
  48. What is the function of maximum sessions command in below config snippet?
  49. In terms of LBM replication, which topology does below figure illustrate?
  50. Calls beyond a specific threshold of bandwidth or link characteristic will be dropped to retain the quality on the existing calls. CUCM can automatically reroute calls through the PSTN or other networks when calls are blocked due to insufficient location bandwidth. What mechanism is it? How it can be applied on below figure?


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