SAP vs Oracle – Know the difference

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Oracle vs SAP

SAP vs Oracle

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning –

ERP is short for Enterprise resource planning. It is a process used by companies to manage, operate and integrate the important parts of their business. Whether it’s planning, purchasing of inventory, sales & marketing or finance, ERP is the go-to solution. 2 of the widely used applications globally are SAP and Oracle.

SAP and Oracle –

While SAP ERP is used to integrate business applications, on the other hand, Oracle RDBMS is applied in enterprise environments for data-level functionality. In this article, we will comprehend the differences between the solutions.


SAP ERP is an end-to-end enterprise resource planning solution which was developed by SAP SE in Germany.

Oracle ERP is a comprehensive application suite which was introduced by Oracle Corporation in 2012 and used for managing enterprise function.

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The way both the application stacks have been architectured, it’s considerably different – SAP utilizes the ground-up approach and Oracle is meant to Integrate several systems together.  SAP is scoped to address business processes like finance, accounting, HR and logistics.

On the other hand, Oracle is used mostly for data warehousing and running online transactions

Deployment of the solution also has a pivotal role in its selection, hence it’s imperative to share associated cost and time utilized by both ERP offerings. SAP loses the race both in terms of implementation time (which is 14.7 Months) and associated deployment cost (Higher than Oracle).

Oracle is the clear frontrunner since it only required 12 months for provisioning end to end and price associated is also lower. Nonetheless, SAP still rules the ERP market with a 26% market share compared to its opponent which lags behind at 17%.

Oracle has multiple benefits like less complex UI for user interface and easy options to customize the application stack.  Compared to Oracle, SAP has intricate UI and also difficult to customize the same.

SAP vs Oracle –

All the above-discussed differences between SAP and Oracle have been enlisted in the below table –

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