Top 6 Identity and Access Management Companies (IAM)

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Introduction to Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Nowadays, the most common strategy from IT Managers starts with the intension to control user access to information inside their organization. In order to succeed their strategy they adopt the “Identity and Access Management” services, known as IAM to their contracts.

This implementation provided by IAM companies includes many extensive tasks such as, cloud computing services, IOT services management and user identities priorities. To be more specific, IAM companies set new rules to Administrators on how to manipulate user access to networks and systems according their position and responsibilities inside the organization.

In order to be effective on their contract demands, they will have to use specific protocols and technologies not only for authentication and authorization of the users but for the regulation of the hardware and the specific applications they intend to use.


Top Identity and Access Management Companies (IAM)

There is a huge competition on the services being offered by many vendor companies on IAM. Therefore, choosing the best solution provider is very important for the security of information in an organization. Most of the talented IAM companies that have been tested for their services have been addressed below:


  • Avatier: Avatier is one of the most popular IAM companies in the IT industry. It offers a full packet of in house development tools that are independently licensed. Avatier has the advantage of the unique approach that extends IAM automation on an individual strategy compared to the traditional enterprise competition.


  • Broadcom: A well-known chipset manufacturer company that acquired CA Technologies in 2018. Since then, it offers CA Technologies as an end to end Identity Management solution provider. To be more specific, Broadcom provides Identity Suite, Cloud IdaaS, Privileged Access and Advanced Authentication services that are extremely reliable and effective in the industry. Later on CA Technologies was renamed to Layer 7, as an updated service solution.


  • HID Global: An extremely reputable company for their MFA capabilities in the industry. MFA stands for contextual and authentication based services. In furtherance, it provides software similar to Active Directory to administrators in order to manage user accounts, privileges according to specific roles in the organization. The advantage of such a strategy, is an intuitive user-client interface with many authentication options.

  • Fischer Identity: Fisher Identity or Fischer International is a reputable IAM solution company. Most of the reliable services they offer are Identity Service (IaaS), Enterprise Full Grade Suite, SSO Federation and Five Factor Authentication. These services apply on cloud or in private server locations and offer capabilities of secure management of identities in complex environments.


  • ForgeRock: ForgeRock is a unique entry level IAM Company, among the most preferred list in 2020. It distinctly offers one of the most open-source platform in the industry. This platform is based on Microsystem’s IAM project architecture and includes sets of API’s, which allow the development of services on the Cloud. It has also upgraded the platform with unique mobile enhancements such as Oauth 2.0 and Open ID Connections.


  • FushionAuth: FushionAuth offers CIAM services as a single tenant solution company, mainly for web and mobile applications. The main advantage of their technique is the REST API used in order to maintain a simple kind of service. This kind of REST API is installed with a single administrator’s command, in order to provide secure premises such as, User Login Registration, Multifactor Authorization, Single User Sign-In, Email Localization and Position-Based Access Control.


As organizations and companies become more aware of the decent today’s need for managing identity and access management services , deploying software systems, designing hardware processes, and hiring expert engineers also become apparent and are placed to the priority of signed contracts for managing risks.

Most of the IAM companies deal with risk based services that can help an organization to achieve high advanced state of the art technology such as, authorization control with lower operating maintenance cost, increased system efficiency and reduction of security threats.

According to Identity Management Institute, which is the global organization that provides the leading identity and access management training and professional certifications. Many companies are increasing their knowledge base by certifying to Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) and Certified Access Management Specialist (CAMS) educational programs.


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