How to detect and remove a keylogger from a smartphone

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Our mobile phones are a big storage of private information because when using them, we leave a digital footprint, which can be a target for hackers. Cybercrime cases are growing rapidly, making people more concerned about their safety and security. Nowadays, hackers resort to different methods to get into somebody’s private space and steal confidential information. The most popular of them are android keylogger.

In short, malicious software infects your device and tracks the keystrokes. This way, private data like passwords and credentials are in danger. Unlike other types of malicious software, the keylogger is safe for the operating system. If you’re concerned about the security of your phone, it’s essential to be aware of the signs your phone has been hacked.

Detect & Remove a Keylogger

However, it can be extremely dangerous for the owners of smartphones. When using a keylogger, it is possible to intercept passwords and other confidential information entered by the user using the keyboard. As a result, the hacker gets codes and account credentials in electronic payment systems, passwords for accounts in online games, addresses, logins, passwords for email systems, and so on.


Fortunately, it can counteract hacking attacks and permanently delete malicious software from your device. However, to fight it successfully, you should know how to remove the keylogger from your smartphone and prevent and detect it.

7 Ways to Find Keylogger on Your Phone

Let’s have a closer look at the tell-tale signs of this malicious software on your smartphone and methods for detecting it on your device.

  1. Pay attention to the speed of browser performance. It will work slower, which will make it hard to confuse something. So, if you are sure there is no problem with your internet provider, consider taking serious measures to remove the keylogger from your device.
  2. Notice mouse and keystrokes malfunction. Mouse pointers may even disappear for a while or function very slowly, making a lot of pauses.
  3. Check out the amount of data usage. This malicious software needs a lot of data to collect confidential information to pass it to another server, database, or storage. In addition, it can send data via email. If you don’t even use your phone a lot, the keylogger will still perform its activity.
  4. Notice strange noises from your device. For example, a weird sound will be in the background when you are typing something. All in all, no malicious software cannot go unnoticed, so such obvious warnings help us understand what is going on with our mobile devices.
  5. The battery heats up instantly. Keylogger drains up battery capacity on your phone to carry out its main tasks properly. It will happen spontaneously, so you won’t mistake it for worn-out batteries in old smartphones.
  6. Find unknown icons. Examine the storage of your phone, and if you notice the program you don’t remember installing, delete it immediately from the storage.
  7. See recurrent errors. There will be disruptions in all processes, whether when surfing the Internet or opening other applications. In general, your phone gets heavily damaged with an installed keylogger.

Most effective methods for removing keylogger from your phone

After making sure that keylogger took over your phone, you should learn how to get rid of it successfully.

  1. Install special antivirus software. There are plenty of them on the market, so it is a very accessible and affordable way to counteract cyberattacks. Besides protecting your device from malicious software, these antivirus applications can detect any suspicious activity, block spam messages and protect from phishing attacks.
  2. Open task manager to find suspicious software. Here you can see all active processes on your device and terminate them. All you need is to click on the “End task” option to remove malware forever. It is a surefire way to find a hidden keylogger and get rid of it.
  3. Make use of the control panel. Here you can find the list of all programs installed on your device. This way, you can easily find malicious software and uninstall it immediately.
  4. Remove keylogger from Windows registry. It is better to clean registry files to complete the process of removing the malware so that it won’t bother you anymore.

Final words

Such unpleasant situations can happen to everyone, so it is crucially important to protect your confidential information at all costs. Hackers may use stolen information for blackmail or money laundering, which is dangerous for everyone. Luckily, this malicious software is thoroughly examined, and we can employ different methods to remove it.

This article will help you understand better how malicious software works and what can be done to stay safe. Don’t neglect these pieces of advice because they can prevent data leakage from your mobile device. Under no circumstances should people be very anxious about possible risks, because using all tips mentioned above will be a useful guide for you to take all necessary measures for staying safe and secure.

Remember that no one has the right to invade someone’s private space and get access to confidential information. Keylogger is illegal, malicious software, so you can contact law enforcement agencies to reach justice and punish people with fraudulent intentions. 

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